Online Teaching Strategies for Success 3 Pack

Online Teaching Strategies for Success 3 Pack

Promoting Student Success with Enhanced Online Communication

As technologies evolve and students’ needs change, our instructional methods and models must also shift to accommodate for these transformations. But how do you translate course materials to an online environment in a way that promotes student engagement and enhances learning outcomes? The answer is simple: you add a human touch.

Of course, putting this strategy into practice is a little more complicated. This is why we’ve created the Online Teaching Strategies for Success 3 Pack, full of innovative ideas and step-by-step guidelines to help you make the most of the online learning environment. This suite of 20-Minute Mentors, presented by Jill Schiefelbein, will provide the tools and knowledge you need to enhance online communication and create more successful students who not only meet but also exceed learning expectations.

By purchasing today, you will receive access to three dynamic and engaging 20-Minute Mentors. This includes:

  • What Are the Communication ‘Musts’ in an Online Class?
    From making the most of online course introductions to establishing a genuine connection with your students, this presentation will walk you through the communication “musts” required for developing a strong relationship with students and promoting an effective learning environment.
  • What Do Students Expect From Online Courses?
    Feedback is crucial to anyone’s teaching development. This program will give you a clear understanding of what students want and need from an online class, based on direct feedback from the students themselves.
  • How Do I Set Students Up For Success in Online Courses?
    This program reveals exactly what you can do at the beginning of the course to change the trajectory for how you interact with students, how students interact with you, and how they interact with your content. Discover the six key elements all online classes need to set students up for success.


Online communication is about making a genuine connection with your students—that’s when you see success. Whether you’re new to the process or experienced in the online teaching environment, presenter Jill Schiefelbein will deliver fresh insights based off direct student feedback, equipping you with the tools you need to address online students’ needs while pursuing your own pedagogical goals.

You will learn:

  • How to set students up for success with instructor introduction and course expectation videos
  • How to build credibility and connection with your students in a way that inspires meaningful and constructive feedback
  • How to provide students an opportunity to interact outside the classroom with online “hallway conversations”
  • How to create structured schedules and expectations for students with a consistent framework for deadlines and assignments
  • How to encourage students to take responsibility for their own success while offering them meaningful encouragement and support
  • How to provide multiple channels of communication (audio, visual, text) that appeal to students of all learning types and preferences
  • How to inspire students through real life examples and create opportunities for meaningful collaboration

Instructors have so much to add to the world—you just need the right framework in place to support your passion and philosophies. Purchase this 3 Pack and start implementing effective communication strategies that inspire a whole new approach to online learning.


This is your chance to transform your teaching style so you can connect with online students in a genuine and meaningful way. Learn from student perspectives on online education, and discover how their feedback can help you create a better class experience. By viewing these programs, you will:

  • Discover the myriad ways you can use technology to create a more effective online learning environment
  • Build connections with students online that are even more meaningful than the face-to-face experience
  • Collect student feedback without the need for incentive, and implement it into actionable items
  • Set your students up for success through enhanced online communication


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