Prepared Students 3-pack

Prepared Students 3-pack

Encourage your students to come to class prepared

The less you lecture, the more your students learn.

No, we donít have that backwards. When you build your courses in the right way, your students will come to class with some foundation in the content youíre going to teach.

They will be ready for analysis and synthesis, so youíll naturally spend less time lecturing and more time on activities that require students to actively engage with the course content.

You can create your own transformative learning environment by adopting a proven model that has worked for other instructors on all kinds of campuses, and you can learn how in the Prepared Students 3-pack.

These programs are included:

Learning Goals

The Prepared Students 3-pack was developed by educators who understand the demands on your time.

These are highly efficient sessions that run just 20 minutes each. And to help you implement what youíve learned, youíll also receive a variety of supplemental materials and recommended resources.

After viewing these three sessions, youíll be able to:

  • Implement a definitional grading system to reinforce the value of preparation for class
  • Create and utilize appropriate and effective class preparation assignments
  • Use class preparation assignments as the foundation for class-time activities and problems
  • Identify and implement active learning activities for class time
  • Move away from the lecture format to show respect for student preparation
  • Dedicate class time to work that guides students toward higher-level learning
  • Implement activities that encourage participation by all students (not just the extroverted, talkative ones)
  • Use exams to reinforce the value of class preparation assignments
  • Structure courses and manage class preparation assignments (e.g., by pass/fail grading) in a way that wonít create a burdensome workload for you
  • Naturally promote deeper engagement in course materials, and elicit better work from your students
  • Rekindle your own enthusiasm as you develop stronger connections with students and guide them toward better learning outcomes

Take advantage of this extraordinary educational opportunity to transform your classroom and advance learning!

Topics Covered

This series of three Magna 20-Minute Mentors presents an active learning model that incorporates class preparation assignments, definitional grading systems, and other elements of a flipped classroom.

This approach has students first encounter course material prior to class.

Then students and instructors work together during class time to analyze and synthesize course content. This leads to higher levels of learning and greater satisfaction for students and instructors.†††

Magna Publications will get you started in no time with three 20-minute videos that you can view at your own convenience and pace.

Once you begin, youíll soon realize that the Prepared Students 3-pack is all you need to fill your classroom with students who are ready to learn.


This quick, hard-hitting series will prepare you to modify your course structure and teaching approach in ways that will naturally encourage students to come to class prepared.

You donít have to try to change your studentsí behavior. You simply change your approach, and the rest falls into place.

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