Revitalizing Teaching at Midcareer 3 Pack

Revitalizing Teaching at Midcareer 3 Pack

Revitalizing Teaching at Midcareer 3 Pack


Many resources are lavished on the early years of a teacherís career for obvious reasons: to help beginning teachers find their way in a new environment and to lay groundwork that will keep them in the teaching profession for a lifetime.

But midcareer teachers are at a startling disadvantage. They often donít receive support and feedback to help them grow and mature at a critical time. At this stage, a certain fatigue may set in. Lessons once taught with excitement are now explained by rote. Evaluations from their schools may also fall short of the feedback teachers crave.

Addressing the problems particular to midcareer teachers, showing ways to refresh their teaching, and guiding them to a more purposeful presence in the classroom are the central concerns of this three-part professional development program:

  • How Can I Get Valuable Insight from Course Evaluations?
    Looks at current end-of-course ratings to identify those elements that are worthwhile for teachers and then discusses alternate assessment options that generate more relevant feedback.
  • How Can I Teach Routine Courses with Energy and Enthusiasm?
    Reveals ways to counter the effects of teaching fatigue and infuse new life into the instruction of everyday courses.
  • How Can I Move My Teaching Forward at Midcareer?
    Explores how to be emotionally and mentally present in the classroom and maintain instructional vitality every time you teach a course.


Midcareer teachers will find a refreshing and sympathetic discussion of their unique needs in this three-part video series and walk away with:

  • New perspectives on course evaluations and feedback
  • Effective ways to bring purpose and excitement back to your classes
  • Techniques for being more invested in your classes through a strong emotional presence

Taken together, these videos are a constructive and corrective solution to the inevitable loss of zeal that midcareer teachers can experience and provide strategies for renewed growth and vitality!


After viewing this much-needed and incisive program, you will be able to:

  • Assess the quality and merits of feedback
  • Zero in on teaching behaviors that should be modified
  • Involve students in generating valuable feedback
  • Understand your own teaching limitations and how to succeed in spite of them
  • Come up with a plan for making changes over a realistic time frame
  • Self-critique your teaching methods constructively
  • Explain the concept of being present in the classroom
  • Prevent your teaching from slipping into a performance or recitation
  • Nurture meaningful, honest collaborations with your peers


The exploration of midcareer problems in these three Magna 20-Minute Mentors can give any teacher at this career stage the insights and techniques to redefine the teaching experience and enjoy a rebirth of teaching energy.

  • Youíll see how to find instructional feedback that contains genuine value to help you develop professionally.
  • Youíll find ways to break out of comfortable but stale teaching methods and take actions that recharge your commitment to education.
  • Youíll discover how to be more present in your classroom, improve engagement, and drive student achievement.


Any teacher at midcareer is the perfect viewer for this three-part program. Department heads and administrators who want to learn what their teachers are going through at this crucial stage will also come away enlightened.


With this much invested in your career, why not reenergize with this candid, empathetic video series? Order your 3-pack today.

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