Should I Use ADDIE as a Design Map for My Blended Course?

Should I Use ADDIE as a Design Map for My Blended Course?

ADDIE for Blended Course Design

Approaching your first blended learning course can feel as though youíre venturing into unknown territory.

You know instructional design can be just as important as content when youíre combining face-to-face instruction and online technology, but where should you begin?

Let this 20 Minute Mentor, Should I Use ADDIE as a Design Map for My Blended Course get you off to a great start, with the presenters explaining the ADDIE Design Map, a theory-driven and reality-tested approach to course design. ADDIE is a helpful design format for any sort of course, but itís particularly useful for blended learning.

Topics Covered

ADDIE stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. Youíll learn what each phase requires, with sample activities for each, such as:

  • Through analysis, determine the knowledge students bring to the class
  • During the design phase, focus on learning goals
  • In development, donít forget to consider peer-to-peer interactions
  • During implementation, make sure youíre ready to release your complete program
  • During evaluation, build assessment into your process

The program presenters will also share key recommendations, including:

  • A timeline for completing each phase
  • Information about how to make the most of campus resources when completing the ADDIE process
  • Guidance for using your experience to improve future courses
  • Rubrics and recommended resources for further action


Use a research-based formula for designing your blended learning course and deliver an impactful learning experience. Invest in this Magna 20-Minute Mentor program today.†

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