Student Attention and Retention 3 Pack

Student Attention and Retention 3 Pack

Enhance your studentsí concentration and accountability

Capturing and holding studentsí attention is an eternal problem for educators, particularly today. Itís true that students have more distractions and demands on their time, but thatís only part of the explanation. Another more critical reason is the way modern learners see their role in the classroom.

Many students rely solely on the instructor to help them achieve their education outcomes. They assume less responsibility for learning and mastering the course material on their own. They act as passive receivers of information instead of active learners who engage avidly with the instructor, the material, and other students.

Rethinking how educators should teach the course material to motivate students, finding new ways to evaluate how and what students absorb, and helping them reach worthwhile educational goals lie behind this three-part program. The presentations include:

  • How Do Mini-Lectures Improve Student Engagement? discusses discoveries in cognitive and educational psychology about learning and memory and how educators can become more effective at driving student performance.
  • How Can I Get Students to Take Responsibility for Their Own Learning? explores the problem of passive student learning and offers ways to make students take charge of their education.
  • How Do I Create Ideal Assessments for Modern Learners? provides 10 ways for assessing students that go beyond ineffective traditional assessments.


Educators can unlock studentsí potential with the step-by-step action plans in this three-part video series. They can also gain the following:

  • Insights for creating short, interactive, and impactful lectures
  • Practical techniques for getting students to be self-reliant and accountable
  • Easy-to-implement assessments that are relevant and realistic

The cumulative effect of these videos will result in students with focused attention spans, a fervent willingness to engage with the material, and greater cooperation in evaluating their progress!

Learning goals

After viewing this dynamic and incisive program, youíll be able to:

  • Speak knowledgably about the latest thinking behind attention, engagement, learning, and memory processing
  • Recognize the effective use of visuals and PowerPoint slides
  • Review ways for imparting lecture content for heightened understanding and retention
  • Identify the behaviors of responsible learning and what drives individual student accomplishment
  • Make informed judgments about the research behind student responsibility
  • Take concrete action steps to promote student self-reliance
  • Analyze assessments that modern learners prefer
  • See what resonates with students in the assessment process
  • Obtain 10 assessment practices that bolster student achievement

Topics covered

The content and insights in these three Magna 20-minute programs are designed to improve student performance outcomes by handing them the tools and responsibility to become more active learners.

  • Youíll see how to deliver short but effective lectures that focus studentsí attention and help them absorb and retain the material.
  • Youíll get techniques for triggering students to move beyond class lectures and instructors to learn on their own.
  • Youíll discover the kinds of assessments that work for modern learners and exciting ways to entice students to work with you.


This three-part program is ideally suited for educators who want to light a fire under their students to become committed learners and assume greater responsibility for acquiring knowledge that will serve them beyond the classroom. Administrators and academic personnel who support teachers in this mission will also come out ahead.


Discover ways to help your students become self-directed, active learners who fulfill the educational objectives of your course with renewed interest and attention. Order this lively and insightful three-pack series today.

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