Student Engagement 4-pack

Student Engagement 4-pack

Learn how to promote this essential connection in
this Student Engagement 4-pack

Today, “student engagement” is much more than an academic buzzword. It could be considered the foundation for successful learning.

Learn how to promote this essential connection in the Student Engagement 4-pack.

Whether she’s demonstrating how to connect with students through in-class activities or summarizing current learning theory, your highly experienced presenter for this program keeps her content fresh, focused, and resolutely practical.

Each of the following video seminars are included in this 4-pack and each clocks in at just 20 minutes – long enough to deliver great content and short enough to fit into any schedule:

Learning Goals

Rich with dozens of ideas you can implement in your classroom immediately, and presented in an educational development context that leaves room for continued growth, these four Magna 20-Minute Mentor programs will show you how to guide students to make a personal investment in their learning.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do after participating in this Student Engagement 4-pack:

  • Draw students in with an “enthusiasm” statement
  • Use your first meeting with students to inspire and intrigue
  • Learn about your students’ goals and values through introductory surveys, self-assessment and ice-breakers
  • Increase student engagement by giving students control over some aspects of your course
  • Adapt class assignments to help students discover the links between their interests and your course
  • Use “new” and “traditional” devices to enhance student engagement
  • Follow up on ideas and track down additional tips by delving into the extensive resource lists Cassidy provides


The Student Engagement 4-pack is interactive & action-oriented.

Magna 20-Minute Mentor programs are designed to give busy professionals like you information you can put to work right away. 

By designating times for you to think, write, and reflect in each seminar, the presenter makes sure you’ll leave each session with action plans.


Share this cost-effective professional development opportunity. The Student Engagement 4-pack is an excellent educational value, with all four 20 Minute Mentor seminars available for a specially reduced price of $299–$100 less than it would cost to purchase them individually.

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