Student Testing and Performance 3 Pack

Student Testing and Performance 3 Pack

Take the Stress out of Testing and See Better Results

Many otherwise bright students often choke when it comes to taking tests. The biggest obstacle to scoring well may be that students put inordinate pressure on themselves.

Once they get a bad grade, they lose confidence, which can cause poor performance on the next test and set up a vicious cycle of defeat. The problem is not isolated to students. Poor test scores can reflect negatively on teachers, affecting not only their ranking on campus but also confidence in their own abilities.

Demystifying test-taking and learning the tools and concepts that can drive higher student performance on exams are the topics examined in the Student Testing and Performance 3 Pack.


Learning Goals

The Student Testing and Performance 3 Pack will help students engage deeply with the curriculum and slash the self-imposed pressure they put on themselves to become true learners.

After you view these eye-opening sessions, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the differences between fear and anxiety
  • Be able to articulate the benefits of mindful self-compassion
  • Learn several specific techniques to reduce test anxiety
  • Understand and appreciate the varied factors that contribute to test performance
  • Use the included Test Performance Reflection Exercise to facilitate improved student learning and test performance
  • Administer a questionnaire to students and guide their plans for making useful changes to improve their learning and test performance
  • Know the five powerful learning and memory concepts that can significantly assist student comprehension and retention
  • Have new insight into the rationale behind some common teaching practices
  • Recognize examples of these concepts when they are applied to teaching strategies
  • Coordinate the use of these concepts into a coherent teaching process
  • Possess a specific plan for implementing these concepts into a teaching module in your discipline

Topics Covered

Educators can learn techniques for helping students manage their test anxieties, get past destructive behaviors, and recall more course material in this fascinating series of three Magna 20-Minute Mentors.

In these presentations, you’ll learn ways for students to reframe how they look at exams in order to reduce their stress. You’ll be able to show them how to judge themselves less critically while still maintaining high academic standards.

These videos also show how to use a battery of techniques such as cueing, the testing effect, semantic encoding, peer teaching, and the spacing effect to help students retain more of what they learn and demonstrate their knowledge on exams.

Providing these techniques to your students will also help you as an educator garner favorable reviews and ratings.

The Student Testing and Performance 3 Pack gives you realistic solutions as well as insights that can transform the way your students approach their exams.

The series comes with additional resources to refresh your understanding again and again.


Just a few of these groundbreaking concepts can give you and your students more course satisfaction! This practical, engaging series discusses techniques that can complement your course work and give newfound confidence to students.

Adapting these ideas for your classroom can enhance learning and help your students retain more of what they learn for an enriching educational experience.

Individually, these programs sell for $99 each. By purchasing the 3-pack, you will save nearly $50.

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