Student Veteran 4-pack

Student Veteran 4-pack


Returning veterans today are different from veterans of the past.

They are also different from the majority of students on your campus.

This Magna 20-Minute Mentor 4-pack helps you better serve students who have served their country – at a price and pace both your budget and your schedule can accommodate.

Student veterans have many strengths, including:

  • Career focus
  • Leadership experience
  • Comfort with diversity
  • Extensive real-world knowledge

Yet they face significant challenges:

  • 46 percent of student veterans have had symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder*
  • 35 percent reported severe anxiety*
  • 24 percent experienced severe depression*
  • 7.7 percent have attempted suicide*

(* Statistics from a 2011 national study published in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice.)

Today’s returning veterans are different from veterans of the past and different from the majority of students on your campus. This Magna 20-Minute Mentor 4-pack helps you better serve student veterans who have served their country. This pack includes:

Learning goals

Through this concise and comprehensive pack of presentations, learn how to make a difference in the lives of student veterans with this series of four fast and focused presentations which will make an excellent addition to your student affairs professional development program.

Here is a brief list of what you will learn in this four-CD set:

  • How to identify early warning signs of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression
  • How to adjust your teaching to meet the needs of student veterans with service-related injuries
  • How to adapt everything from course objectives to syllabus design to support student veterans
  • How to help student veterans shift from the military’s action-oriented approach to the deliberative style of higher education


With each video presentation running just 20 minutes, concentrated content is the key.

The consummate professional presenters of this program condense their wide-ranging face-to-face experience with student veterans, disabilities, and higher education into practical guidelines you can implement immediately.

Supplemental materials including checklists, resource lists, and discussion questions offer additional support.


Don’t miss out on this exceptional value in professional development which helps specific student populations. Order today and you can purchase all four CDs for less than it would cost to purchase them individually.

Take it campus-wide with the Campus Access License, all members of your campus community can access this session at their convenience through your institution’s internal website. Act now to make support for student veterans a priority on your campus.

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