Supporting Learning Outcomes 4-pack

Supporting Learning Outcomes 4-pack


Learning outcomes are multifunctional concepts for college and university faculty, serving as goals, benchmarks, standards for accountability, and guides for course design.

That’s why you need multiple methods to support them. Learn a multidimensional approach to utilizing these higher education essentials with the Supporting Learning Outcomes 4-pack, a series of four Magna 20-Minute Mentors.

Higher education experts, the presenters of this program, explore solutions to the following key questions:

Taken altogether, these programs provide you with a comprehensive approach to fulfilling your most important job requirement—helping students learn. 

Learning Goals

In less time than you might spend reviewing course policies, each presentation in this pack delivers insightful information you can implement immediately.

After you view the presentations, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify key shortcomings of college and university exams
  • Organize course structure to give students the lead on review sessions
  • Design exams to achieve pedagogical goals
  • Recognize technologies that support online feedback
  • Employ multimedia feedback in your online courses
  • Formulate one-to-many feedback strategies
  • Design feedforward feedback strategies
  • Recognize when classroom norms impede student engagement and participation
  • Employ new teaching tools to engage students in classroom discussion
  • Implement new teaching strategies to increase the quality and focus of classroom discussion
  • Identify practices to boost student ownership of their learning
  • Revise course structure to increase student responsibility for learning

Topics Covered

This professional development opportunity will give you tools you can use in a format that suits even the busiest schedules. You’ll learn how:

  • To transform exams from testy encounters to educational experiences
  • To shift students’ attitudes toward feedback
  • Changing classroom routines can increase student participation
  • Mixing intrinsic and extrinsic motivators can enhance student responsibility

In the Supporting Learning Outcomes 4-pack you’ll learn tips and techniques grounded in theory and tested in face-to-face and online classrooms. From suggestions for changing your first class procedures to preemptive feedback, all the suggestions you’ll learn are proven and practical.

The programs cover key issues involved with helping students achieve learning outcomes—and give you the specifics you need to make effective change, such as:

  • Exams – Learn how changing your exam previews and reviews can put the focus back on learning
  • Feedback – Explore four specific practices to get students more involved
  • Discussion – Find out how to reinforce the classroom behavior you want to see
  • Responsibility – Discover how changing your personal style can make students behave more responsibly


Have you ever wished students would at least read your feedback before complaining about their grades? Have you ever wondered how to expand classroom discussions beyond the three or four regulars who always talk?

If you have, then the Supporting Learning Outcomes 4-pack is for you. This series of Magna 20-Minute Mentors is perfect for faculty teaching online and offline, at public and private institutions, and at all stages of their careers. It will be particularly helpful for new instructors, providing them with “instant experience.”


Learning outcomes are so central to success in higher education; you need to sustain them in multiple ways. Get the tools you need in the Supporting Learning Outcomes 4-pack. Purchase today.

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