Emotional Presence: Teaching, Learning, and the Science of Emotion 3 pack

Emotional Presence: Teaching, Learning, and the Science of Emotion 3 pack

This multipack includes strategies for designing activities that increase learning and comprehension, tips on tech tools that humanize courses, and insights which will foster deeper understanding and curiosity in students. Through the techniques gleaned from this bundle of 20-Minute Mentors, student motivation and learning are improved, faculty performance is enhanced, and institutional culture is strengthened.

With the Emotional Presence: Teaching, Learning, and the Science of Emotion 3 Pack, presented by Flower Darby, gain practical strategies to intentionally embrace the opportunities that emotions offer us to enhance deep and meaningful learning in both face-to-face and online classes.

Purchase this suite of 20-Minute Mentors, which includes:

  • How Can I Engage the Emotions of My Students to Maximize Learning?
    Faculty tend to separate emotions from the teaching and learning that takes place in classes. Many have bought into a well-established tradition that college instruction should be dry, dusty, and academic in order to be authentic. But recent research shows that emotions have a strong impact on cognition. Instead of excluding emotion from the classroom, instructors would do well to acknowledge and take advantage of the impact emotions have on students’ ability to learn new material. Drawing on a proposed addition of Emotional Presence to the Community of Inquiry Framework, examine why and how emotions can increase learning and retention. Acquire practical strategies to intentionally embrace the opportunities emotions offer to enhance deep and meaningful learning in in-person and online classes.
  • What Behavioral Changes Can I Make to Inspire Enthusiasm in My Classroom?
    Most faculty have known instructors who are deeply inspiring. They bring a passion for their content, coupled with a strong desire to impart that passion, that ignites student interest and learning in their classes. By contrast, it is easy to think of professors who seem to have so little interest in their own lectures that they deaden enthusiasm for learning just by their lackluster presentation methods. Does this mean that in order to be an effective instructor, one must be a dynamic and charismatic public speaker? Thankfully, no. Explore the phenomena of emotional contagion and affective crossover, both rooted in the emerging science of emotion, to develop techniques that enable faculty to inspire students, foster enthusiasm, and motivate learning.
  • How Can I Use Technology to Foster the Emotional Processing of Course Content?
    There is increasing evidence to suggest that emotions play a large part in how people learn. Recent research shows that emotion and cognition are intricately related. It is becoming more and more important to actively stimulate and engage the emotional responses of students to help them learn deeply and meaningfully. Explore how streaming media, audio performances and presentations, and virtual conferencing tools can facilitate emotional presence in in-person and online classes. The intentional application of technology can capture an interaction with the content to develop students’ emotional responses to content which in turn, fosters deeper understanding and learning of important concepts and ideas.


Upon completion of these programs, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the principles of the science of emotion that directly impact student interest in course content commonly called Community of Inquiry
  • Implement strategies to motivate and inspire students in person and online
  • Define emotional presence
  • Design class activities that make the most of emotions to enhance learning
  • Evaluate technology tools to stir emotion in response to class content
  • Explore the importance of emotional contagion and affective crossover
  • Develop effective teacher qualities that do not depend on personality traits, but instead take advantage of affective crossover
  • Implement strategies based on the science of emotion to increase your ability to inspire and motivate your students
  • Explore ways of using technology to provoke emotional responses from students and deepen their understanding of content in in-person and online classes
  • Using commonly available tools in Learning Management Systems, design online activities to engage student emotions and increase learning
  • Deploy technologies to humanize online and in-person classes


  • Community of Inquiry framework
  • How and why emotions impact learning
  • Increase student motivation and enthusiasm
  • Emotional contagion
  • Affective crossover
  • Knowledge emotions
  • Techniques and strategies to maximize learning
  • Emotional presence in in-person and online classes.
  • Media solutions
  • Videoconference solutions
  • Designing emotions into LMS activities
  • Humanize online and F2F classes


This program will benefit:

  • Professors
  • Instructors
  • Faculty developers
  • Instructional designers


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