Three Keys to a Strong Start in Online Teaching 3 pack

Three Keys to a Strong Start in Online Teaching 3 pack


In an online classroom, the hallmarks of success are the same as those in a traditional one – confident, engaged learners strongly connected to one another and to you, imbued with a spirit of collaboration and trust that makes learning both a priority and a pleasure.

Getting to that point in an online classroom, though, requires you to take a different path and use different tools.

You can learn what those tools are, and how to apply them, in this three-pack of 20-Minute Mentor seminars covering these topics:

  • How Can I Build Community in My Online Classes?
  • How Do I Create Social Presence in My Online Classes?
  • How Can I Earn Swift Trust in My Online Classes?


Each of these content-rich presentations examines a critical facet of classroom success.

In the community-building presentation, you’ll discover useful tips for:

  • Building rapport with students
  • Welcoming students to your class
  • Encouraging “buy-in” for your syllabus and course policies
  • Soliciting and honoring student feedback
  • Creating spaces in which students can communicate freely

In the video on establishing social presence, you’ll find ideas for:

  • Connecting effectively with students even before school starts
  • Using video and other media to reveal your personality and teaching style
  • Encouraging students to interact and bond with one another
  • Devising assignments and classroom policies that promote healthy interdependence

In the program on trust, you’ll gain insights on:

  • Quickly establishing trusting relationships with and among students
  • Helping students feel they have a voice
  • Boosting students’ confidence in their ability to handle course technology and content
  • Creating a sense of community and mutual trust through group exercises
  • Establishing strong lines of communication and using the right tone

Learning goals

Together, these presentations will provide you with a broad base of knowledge and insight to help you build a strong learning community. Once you’ve viewed them, you’ll be able to:

  • Articulate the value of social presence, community, and trust
  • Employ relationship-building strategies from the outset of your courses
  • Design assignments and assessments that encourage collaboration, build confidence, and strengthen interdependence
  • Employ communication tools and tactics best suited to online classrooms

Topics covered

In each presentation, you’ll find a focus on six critical areas for building trust, community, and social presence:

  • Online course introductions and follow-up
  • Guidelines for communication
  • Engagement with course policies and syllabi
  • Best practices in assessment and feedback
  • Creative and effective uses of multiple media
  • Frameworks for free interaction among students


This 20-Minute Mentor three-pack is designed for both new and experienced educators. Those just entering the online classroom will be able to quickly establish a solid framework for student interaction, while veteran teachers will find the presentations a convenient way to stay up to date on the latest methods for community-building and benchmark their current practices.


The best online classrooms function much the way traditional classrooms do – in a spirit of engagement, collaboration, and respect. Achieve that kind of environment in your online classroom: Order Three Keys to a Strong Start in Online Teaching 3 Pack today!


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