Universal Design 4-pack

Universal Design 4-pack

Give all students equitable opportunity to engage with
your course content

More than one out of 10 students in higher education have a disability of some sort.

Are you doing everything you can to remove their barriers to learning?

Find out how straightforward it is to make your courses accessible with the Universal Design 4-pack, a series of four Magna 20-Minute Mentors developed to help you provide all your students with an equitable opportunity to learn.

Accessibility is at the core of what higher education is all about. Itís too important to be an add-on or an also-ran and too central to the inherent values of educators to be overlooked. The Universal Design 4-pack will help you meet your responsibility to provide equitable opportunity to all students, from course design through assessment. These programs are included:

Learning Goals

Through a series of sessions formatted to accommodate even the busiest of schedules, the Universal Design 4-pack will show you a thinking process designed to lead you in a more accessible direction.

These concise programs will take you all the way from comprehension to evaluation. After participating in these sessions, youíll be able to:

  • Examine course content delivery formats for potential barriers to learning
  • Formulate alternative, more accessible methods for presentation and acquisition of information, including print, electronic, and classroom formats
  • Employ backward design to develop accessible assignments
  • Design alternative methods for demonstration of learning
  • Formulate appropriate ways to discuss accommodations with a student who has disabilities
  • Demonstrate practical techniques to remove barriers to learning
  • Use learning goal criteria when designing exams
  • Analyze assessment situations
  • Devise more accessible exams in terms of format, language, and testing time

Topics Covered

You know itís your responsibility to make reasonable accommodations for students who need them, but this package of practice-based videos will show you how to avoid time-consuming retrofitting and be an inclusive educator from the start.

Questioning your assumptions is the key. We all carry with us preconceived notions about how students acquire and interact with information, participate in class, and demonstrate their learning.

Youíll also discover how addressing accessibility concerns will improve your course for all students, whether they have a disability or not.


Magna 20-Minute Mentors are designed by and for educators who donít have time to waste. All four sessions run just 20 minutes and are jam-packed with solid thinking and action items. To further speed implementation of your new knowledge, youíll also receive:

  • Lists of doís and doníts
  • Recommended resources
  • Examples of the backward design process


Whatever kind of institution you work in, accessibility issues should matter to you.

The Universal Design 4-pack was developed to help you give all students equitable opportunity to engage with your course content, participate in course activities, and demonstrate their knowledge. With this broad flow, and the conceptual and practical nature of each program, itís perfect for new faculty or those designing new courses.


Purchase this extraordinary educational value today, to start improving accessibility for all students tomorrow!

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