How Can I Use Analytics to Improve Online Education Outcomes? Micro and Macro Examples

How Can I Use Analytics to Improve Online Education Outcomes? Micro and Macro Examples


Though analytics has been used in the business world for some time now, itís gaining increasing popularity in higher education. There are now even stand-alone journals and conferences solely focused on the use of analytics at the university level.

Most likely, your institution is already collecting a vast amount of analytical data. However, faculty and administrators may not be aware of just how much data is being collected, where this data can be found, or the extent to which this information can be used to enhance online offerings.

Analytics can be leveraged in multiple contexts and for many purposes in higher education. The tricky part is identifying the data that would be most useful to your online program management and then putting it to proper use once itís gathered.

Purchase the How Can I Use Analytics to Improve Online Education Outcomes? 20-Minute Mentor program, presented by Brian Udermann, PhD. Youíll gain a basic introductory exploration into how you can use analytics to improve your online offerings, as well as how analytics can be used at the institution-wide level to study general academic trends.

Learning Goals

Using analytics at your university can be time-consuming and even overwhelming, but it is a worthwhile practice that can ultimately carry many benefits for your institution.

During this program, youíll learn:

  • Strategies for using analytics on a micro course level to identify at risk students
  • How data compiled in a learning management system can be used to study learning trends and improve online offerings
  • How to use analytics to track student success in a course
  • Techniques for examining student performance on specific exam or assignment questions to influence faculty instruction
  • How analytics can be used on a macro level to examine enrollment and employment trends and enhance instruction and curriculum
  • Methods for creating an online education factbook to collect and disseminate data related to online learning

Topics Covered

In an easy-to-understand format, online education expert Brian Udermann, PhD, will walk you through how institutions currently use analytics to improve the quality of their online courses and campus culture.

Topics covered include:

  • The data that can be pulled from learning management systems to enhance online courses
  • The use of analytics at both the micro and macro level at your campus
  • Defining and using analytics to improve online course outcomes
  • Organizing and aggregating online education data in a way that is easy to present and disseminate


This 20-Minute Mentor is intended for college administrators seeking ways to use analytics to progress their online courses, teaching, and institution.

During the program, youíll learn the types of data that can be collected and disseminated to improve online courses and enhance faculty instruction.


As more institutions use analytics to improve their campus, itís important to stay informed about how analytics can be used to measure success, improve various components of online education, and make fact-based decisions about enrollment, instruction, and curriculum. Purchase this program today.

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