What Do Adjunct Faculty Need to Be Successful in the Online Classroom?

What Do Adjunct Faculty Need to Be Successful in the Online Classroom?

Your online adjuncts are only as good as the support
they receive

“Welcome to the college. You’re on your own.”

You’d never treat a full-time faculty member that way. Yet with adjuncts – online ones, especially – that is sometimes only a slight exaggeration of their experience.

For online adjuncts, a lack of early information and ongoing support is even more acutely felt than it is by on-campus faculty. Adjuncts’ academic experience is typically not as extensive; their familiarity with and access to your institution is certainly not as great; their ability to work things out by walking down the hall with a question – well, they simply don’t have it.

So they need help, and they need information. But what kind – and on what subjects?

You can find out in the 20-Minute Mentor program, What Do Adjunct Faculty Need to Be Successful in the Online Classroom?

Learning Goals

In this thought-provoking presentation, the presenter challenges you to consider just how much information adjuncts require—and how much they often lack. Looking at things from institutional, administrative, pedagogical, and developmental standpoints, the presenter identifies dozens of areas in which your adjuncts need guidance and support.

At the end of the program, you’ll be able to:

  • Develop effective programs to introduce and orient adjuncts to your institution
  • Identify gaps in their knowledge and preparation
  • Empower them to excel in the online classroom

Topics Covered

In What Do Adjunct Faculty Need to Be Successful in the Online Classroom?, the program mentor provides an indispensable checklist of resources and knowledge to share with adjuncts to ensure they perform at a high level. You’ll learn just how much information adjuncts require about your institution, your administrative processes, your pedagogical expectations, and their developmental opportunities. Here’s a small sampling:


  • Do adjuncts know online learning’s role in your institution?
  • Are they fluent in the unique language of your campus – acronyms, program titles, terminology?
  • Do they know the resources available to them – and how they can be accessed?
  • Are they clear about reporting structure, campus-wise and department-wise?


  • Are they comfortable with your LMS and how to use it?
  • Have they received basic technology details like when passwords expire?
  • Do they know their responsibilities for course construction?
  • Do they know who their primary and other points of contact are?


  • Are they aware of best practices for student contact?
  • Do they know your grading systems and deadlines?
  • Have you established expectations regarding supplemental materials?
  • Do they know how to access and use discussion boards?


  • Do they know what development materials are available to adjuncts?
  • Do they know how to access it?
  • Have they been introduced to web tools and Creative Commons?


This informative presentation will help you ensure your adjuncts are prepared to deliver the best possible experience for your students.

Don’t take a “sink or swim” approach to adjunct support. Help them stay afloat: Order What Do Adjunct Faculty Need to Be Successful in the Online Classroom? today!

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