What Do I Do If I Suspect a Student Has Asperger's Disorder?

What Do I Do If I Suspect a Student Has Asperger's Disorder?

Aspergers In The College Classroom

At many colleges and universities, the number of students with Aspergerís Disorder continues to increase.

While these students have the intellectual abilities to be successful, they:

  • Struggle with ďreadingĒ social cues
  • Struggle comprehending unwritten rules and procedures
  • May be teased or laughed at by other students

As a result, these students pose unique challenges to you and other faculty members, administrators and other students during your college careers.

Working successfully with Aspergerís students requires an understanding of their behavior and knowledge of how to communicate with them.

In this Magna 20-Minute Mentor program, the presenter offers you recommendations for helping these students to succeed.

Learning Goals

At the conclusion of this program, you will know how to:

  • Use conversation techniques that emphasize short, focused messages in speaking to Aspergerís students to build better relationships and to foster increased success socially and academically
  • Build a positive classroom environment with open communication to help students better interact with Aspergerís students
  • Have an understanding of which campus resources to involve in working with Aspergerís students

Topics Covered

During this 20 minute professional development program, you will:

  • Better understand students with Aspergerís Disorder, including their behaviors and needs
  • Learn strategies you can use to build understanding, empathy and tolerance when communicating with other students about Aspergerís
  • Come away with an improved understanding of how to better communicate with Aspergerís students so you can focus on your course content


The specific student population focused program also includes supplemental materials:

  • Background information
  • Classroom recommendations
  • A case study
  • Questions for reflection
  • Recommended resources


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