What Is Blended Learning?

What Is Blended Learning?


Blended learning, which combines face-to-face classroom instruction with supervised online activities, is one of the hottest topics in higher education today.

Find out in this Magna 20-Minute Mentor program how you can fuse the best of traditional techniques and cutting-edge online technology.

What Is Blended Learning? is conducted by experienced and engaging professors. Join them as they explore the basics of blended course design.

Learning Goals

After viewing What Is Blended Learning?, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use different delivery formats to enhance student learning
  • Separate online and face-to-face learning goals, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning
  • Employ online activities to improve face-to-face learning
  • Create complementary face-to-face and online activities

Topics Covered

Drawing on real-world experience and sound pedagogical principles, this professional development program will show you:

  • How “flipping the classroom” for blended learning can give you more class time for interaction and higher-order learning activities
  • How using online technology can help students prepare for class and demonstrate their growing mastery of course content
  • How to structure class time to maximize student engagement
  • How to address institutional issues with blended learning


Blended learning is here to stay.

Learn how to take advantage of online technology to better your students’ learning experience and improve your instruction. Order the Magna 20-Minute Mentor program today.

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