What Should I Look for When Hiring New Online Faculty?

What Should I Look for When Hiring New Online Faculty?

Content expertise is a given when hiring new online faculty members. But content expertise alone does not necessarily make an individual a good candidate for teaching online. There are additional skills that online faculty should possess in order to provide a solid online academic experience to students. And these skills differ depending on the type of online role that youíre seeking to fill.

So what other qualifications should these individuals hold? And what measures can your institution take to find the right candidates?

Purchase the What Should I Look for When Hiring New Online Faculty? 20-Minute Mentor program, presented by Ann Taylor, PhD. She will outline the qualifications and traits administrators should seek when hiring for three distinct online roles as well as strategies for attracting qualified faculty to such positions.


Because of the unique responsibilities that come with teaching online, when you seek candidates to fill these positions, itís important to look beyond content expertise and at other skills that will help determine the right fit for the specific online role.

During this program, youíll learn:

  • The common challenges to properly staffing online courses and programs
  • The differences between the skills and competencies needed for three distinct online faculty roles
  • Competencies that can be developed on-the-job and those that candidates should already possess
  • Strategies for attracting and vetting qualified online faculty


Topics covered include:

  • Staffing challenges
  • The must-have qualities held by candidates for three distinct online positions
  • Hiring resources
  • Staffing models
  • Methods for finding the best fit for the role


The information presented in this 20-Minute Mentor will be of interest to academic leaders, deans, and program directors who are new to hiring faculty for the online environment as well as those who have been doing this work for some time but are looking to implement new strategies and approaches.


Staffing online courses and programs is not as straightforward as it may seem, but ensuring that online offerings are properly staffed is crucial to an institutionís reputation. This program will help administrators learn how to uncover faculty that will make their online course offerings successful and fruitful for students and the institution as a whole. Purchase today!

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