What Works and What Doesn't When Teaching Large Classes?

What Works and What Doesn't When Teaching Large Classes?

Your Discipline 101.

At many universities, thatís a large class.

It doesnít really matter what the subject is. If it has 101 in the title, itís going to be big.

And you know exactly what itís like. Students file in and out two or three times a week. It is hard to keep track of who is or isnít showing up. You never really even get to know their names. Itís also a lot to manage.

Giving out too many assignments creates a crushing workload, so there arenít as many opportunities for you to assess learning and to ensure that students are on track.

Itís not what most of us would consider a recipe for success.

The discipline doesnít really matter. Sizeable classes present sizeable challenges regardless of the subject matter.

That doesnít mean that it is impossible to do it well.

It just means you have to be strategic about everything from class design and content delivery to class flow, assignments, and grading.

If you want to know how to do that, youíll want to watch What Works & What Doesnít Work When Teaching a Large Class?

Learning Goals

In just 20 minutes the program presenters will cover numerous proven teaching strategies that work well in large groups (and point out a few that donít).

When you are finished with this program, you will:

  • Fully appreciate the value of preparation
  • Know how to simplify the grading process and minimize your workload
  • Know some proven principles and practices that you can immediately incorporate into your large classes for greater effectiveness and learning
  • Identify opportunities to use technology to ďshrinkĒ the classroom for you and your students
  • Recognize opportunities to learn by observing colleagues and by having them observe you

You donít have to compromise your expectations when you teach large classes, but you might need to alter your approach.

Topics Covered

The presenters will walk through several tactics that will improve your effectiveness when teaching a large class.

They share ideas on how to invest in the class before the semester begins, how to manage cognitive overload, how to engage introverts, how to use technology to make the class feel smaller, how to keep track of studentsóespecially those trying to fly under the radaróand ways to create ongoing accountability to keep students invested, engaged, and headed in the right direction.

Thatís a wealth of practical insights and information, and you get it all in just 20 minutes.

What Works & What Doesnít Work When Teaching a Large Class? presents proven solutions that will help instructors in any discipline at any kind of institution identify ways to improve their teaching in large classrooms.


Learn what you can do to make a large class feel small and to help all students maximize their learning in What Works & What Doesnít Work When Teaching a Large Class? Place your order today.

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