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Classroom Management 102: Working with Difficult Students

Do the faculty members at your school know how to respond effectively when confronted by uncooperative or even aggressive students? Find out how to successfully manage the full-range of student behavior problems. We use role play scenarios of problematic classroom behaviors to share strategies for responding effectively.



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Do the faculty members at your school know how to respond effectively when confronted by uncooperative-or even aggressive-students?

From minor annoyances to major disruptions, difficult college students have no shortage of ways to test professors.

At the extreme end of the spectrum are those students who pose a real physical risk to faculty members and classmates, and must be handled accordingly.

Aspiring professors typically get no training in classroom management in graduate programs, so it is left to employing institutions and individual faculty members to rectify this growing skills deficit.


Your presenters provide faculty and administrators with the tools to successfully manage the full-range of student behavior problems in this 90-minute seminar.

Role play demonstration scenarios of problematic classroom behaviors are used in four demonstrations to share their recommended strategies for responding effectively.

We outline what not to do, in a humorous manner that promises to keep you glued to your screen.

Learning Goals

This professional development seminar covers:

  • Dos and don’ts when working with frustrated or unmotivated students
  • Recognizing and attending to misbehavior in its early stages
  • Short-circuiting potential violence
  • Motivational enhancement therapy
  • Strategies to re-direct, manage and calm out of control students
  • The aggression continuum and aggression management
  • Making referrals to appropriate campus resources
  • Classroom crisis management
  • Crucial de-escalation strategies
  • Working within ADA guidelines to create an optimal learning environment


This seminar is designed for anyone on campus responsible for managing student behavior:

  • New and experienced faculty members
  • Faculty who have expressed worry or concern about at-risk students
  • Deans and faculty educators
  • Student affairs professionals who offer presentations in classroom settings


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