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Clearing 4 Common Hurdles in State Authorization Compliance


Where does your institution stand regarding state authorization for distance education? This seminar will provide you with a framework for deepening your understanding of state authorization and regulatory compliance, plus bring you up to date on SARA. Youll learn about four common trouble areas and explore realistic solutions to frequently occurring problems.


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Overcome common barriers to state authorization

Even as national momentum grows for the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA), the cumbersome, expensive, and time-consuming process of state-by-state authorization for your distance education programs is still in force.

But even if your institution has not yet achieved regulatory compliance in every state where your institutions activities require it, you can improve your process for securing state authorization and avoid problem areas that have troubled other institutions.

Find out how in Clearing 4 Common Hurdles in State Authorization Compliance, a Magna 40-Minute Seminar.

The presenters provide you with an overview of state authorization procedures, and bring you up to date on the status of SARA and its growing acceptance across the country.


This seminar explores common problems colleges and universities face when tackling state authorization, including:

  • Obtaining support and buy-in from your institutions key stakeholders
  • Providing structure and resources for state authorization initiatives
  • Tracking out-of-state students and other triggers requiring state authorization
  • Understanding the relationship between state authorization and professional licensure programs

Learning Goals

After participating in this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify resources to support state authorization work
  • Describe options for securing buy-in within the institution
  • Devise strategies for organizing state authorization work and tracking students locations
  • Manage implementation of state authorization activities

This presentation is designed to help you understand your institutions current position with state authorization, avoid common problem areas, and be aware of resources to further your programs success.

Topics Covered

Colleges and universities are learning how to adapt to the emerging regulatory environment around distance education.

Clearing 4 Common Hurdles in State Authorization Compliance lets you benefit from this growing body of knowledge and overcome hurdles others have encountered. You’ll delve into key result areas that frequently cause trouble for institutions, and discover practical ways to address such issues as:

  • Securing your colleagues commitment to state authorization work
  • Finding ways to organize and pay for regulatory compliance initiatives
  • Identifying the states in which distance education students are taking courses
  • Connecting professional licensure programs and state authorization


Whether you’ve been following SARA since the beginning or are just discovering this initiative, this online presentation will bring you up to date on reciprocity agreements for post-secondary distance education.

At many institutions, pursuing state authorization is a responsibility defined as much by roles as it is by job titles.

This Magna 40-Minute Seminar is particularly helpful for individuals working in the following areas:

  • Compliance, regulatory affairs
  • Distance education
  • Academic leadership
  • Professional licensure programs
  • Field experience, internships, etc.


Order Clearing 4 Common Hurdles in State Authorization Compliance today and learn how you can make your process more efficient and effective.

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