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Handling Annoying, Disruptive and Dangerous Students

Annoying, disruptive, and dangerous students pose problems to even the best classroom managers. Yet you don’t have to merely tolerate problem students. There are things you can do to manage student behavior and improve the learning environment in your classroom no matter who is on the roster.

Student talks to other student while teacher is instructing and girl glares at disruptive student

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Research-Backed Strategies to Correct Problem Student Behavior

It’s your classroom and you set the rules.

But that doesn’t mean students will follow them. In fact, chances are you have already encountered students with annoying, distracting, or even downright dangerous behavior.

Chances are you will encounter more of these problem students in your future.

Why? Because higher education is changing.

Students are finding themselves in courses with other students from different backgrounds and with vastly different experiences and cultural norms. Online and blended instruction puts students and instructors in virtual classrooms that look and feel different from more traditional classroom settings. Factor in the growing ubiquity of personal technology that has instructors competing with iPods and Facebook apps during class, and it’s amazing anyone can keep students on task.

While there are many factors that can lead students astray, you ultimately must manage your own classroom. That is why you need effective tools and strategies to manage student behavior. Fortunately you’ll find them in this online seminar.


During this engaging and interactive 75-minute video presentation, you will experience video clips, model conversations, three separate case studies, and other tools to help you apply the material to your own situations.

Your presenters share research-backed strategies and insights that help you keep your students on track. After all, the risks are high if you don’t.


“Loved Brian’s presentation style and use of humor! Many webinars are dry and sometimes boring, even if the information is useful. This was highly engaging and informative.”

“New faculty would benefit from this program. Not only for the classroom concerns but also to observe effective and ineffective ways to communicate with students.”

“Especially good materials on having conversations with students and on documenting incidents.”

Topics covered

In just 75 minutes, your presenters give you the ability and confidence to address myriad annoying, disruptive, and dangerous student behaviors.

They understand what is at stake when problem students dominate a classroom, and they know what to do about it. They teach participants how to:

  • Identify, distinguish, and categorize various negative student behaviors;
  • Develop unique intervention and management strategies for different kinds of problem behavior, including annoyances, disruptions, and threats of danger;
  • Initiate conversations that lead to positive changes in student behavior;
  • Identify when to report potentially dangerous behaviors to a Behavioral Intervention Team or to other campus departments or offices;
  • Handle emergencies and other high-stress situations;
  • Employ Change Theory techniques;
  • Recognize personal triggers and enact strategies to overcome them;
  • Use persuasion and body language;
  • Defuse, rather than escalate, crisis situations;
  • Identify campus resources and determine when to engage them; and
  • Appropriately document and report incidents when necessary.

Ultimately, students want to learn. Sometimes they may not even be aware of how troubling their behavior is. Some problems may be born of cultural differences, language barriers, mental disabilities, or other issues. This online seminar gives you the tools you need to take control of your classroom and to promote learning without judging, alienating, or demonizing students.


  • Faculty-full time, part time, and adjunct
  • Instructors
  • Teaching assistants
  • Deans
  • Department chairs


Problem behavior can monopolize your time and attention, and it can affect other students abilities to learn. Problem students can cause stress in and out of the classroom, and they can make other students-as well as instructors-feel unsafe. That is not the kind of learning environment anyone wants. Learn how to turn problem situations around in Handling Annoying, Disruptive, and Dangerous Students.

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Student talks to other student while teacher is instructing and girl glares at disruptive student

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