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Three New Distance Education Regulations: How to Comply


Distance education administratorsknow that the stakes of compliance with federal regulations in higher education are real, constantly changing, and complicated.This seminar discusses three regulations that impact distance education programs:credit hour, student authentication, and last day of attendance (LDA).


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Interpreting Regulations and Their Impact on Your DE Program

Distance education administrators know that the stakes of compliance with federal regulations in higher education are real-and potentially high.

But staying in compliance is not something you do once and then forget about-its a complicated and ongoing process. And when it comes to distance education, its not only complicated-its also new and its changing.

Although the Department of Education has issued many new regulations, this online seminar focuses on three that have the most serious implications for online programs:

  1. Credit hour
  2. Student authentication
  3. Last day of attendance

Neither your institutional counsel nor your compliance officer can keep your program in compliance on their own. Nor can you.

Being well-informed can significantly decrease your exposure to potentially harrowing levels of government sanction.


After attending this seminar, you will:

  • Be able to interpret these regulations and their implications for your program and your institution
  • Be better prepared to develop institutional policy that addresses the federal rules and cultivate strategies to address compliance within your program
  • Come away knowing how to create a workable plan for informing administrators, faculty, and staff about the federal rules and their impact

Learning Goals

This seminar will help you become a resource for your institution and create a compliance network of informed, responsible faculty.

Youll learn to:

  • Develop policy for student authentication
  • Evaluate the technological options for student authentication
  • Describe how instructors can determine LDA for online courses and develop student engagement to meet this regulation
  • Formulate policy to meet the federal credit hour rule

Any institution can create an effective compliance program. Three New Distance Education Regulations: How to Comply will show you how.

Topics Covered

When it comes to compliance, awareness is the first crucial step. By gathering your colleagues to participate in this seminar, youll begin the process of creating a plan of action to meet the challenges compliance brings. This seminar will prepare you to:

  • Explain to administrators, faculty, and staff the three federal rules-student authentication, the credit hour, and last day of attendance (LDA)-and their impact on your program
  • Create policies and implement technologies for student authentication
  • Develop criteria to determine LDA for online courses
  • Design student engagement programs to support the LDA rule
  • Prepare policies for meeting the federal credit hour rule


Federal regulation of higher education applies to all postsecondary institutions-big state universities, small liberal arts colleges, public and private schools, two-year and four-year schools, nonprofit and for-profit institutions. Any school that accepts federal funding and disburses federal financial aid is subject to federal regulations.

Schools that see online learning as part of their outreach mission have an extra level of responsibilities. That calls for the involvement by each of the institutions various sectors-administrators, faculty, and staff. Positions at your institution that need the information to be found in this program include:

  • Distance education administrators
  • Deans
  • Department chairs
  • IT staff
  • Instructional designers
  • Financial aid administrators
  • Registrars
  • Compliance officers and staff
  • Accreditation officers


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