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Critical Thinking Skills 4 Pack


Learn to design and develop a discipline-based course with a critical-thinking focus. Examine the critical-thinking landscape, review the best scholarship, and apply these principles to your teaching.


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Its all about that moment when a student not only masters the textbook but also learns to think beyond it.

Critical thinking skills are important components of learning in nearly every discipline; college students expect to hone these skills so they will be ready for the workforce or graduate school. Yet instructors often find it difficult to figure out how to teach critical thinking; they might think they are teaching it when in reality, they are not.

Fortunately, the new Critical Thinking 4 Pack disseminates all of this information and presents you with concise video programs that provide immediate strategies and exercises you can use to boost critical thinking in your courses.

The following 20-Minute Mentors are included in this pack:

  • How Can I Design Critical Thinking into My Course?
    Identify both general and discipline-specific critical thinking skills and how to turn these skills into good student learning outcomes. Learn to define critical thinking when designing or redesigning courses and to identify the type of content that is conducive to practicing critical thinking
  • What Activities and Assignments Promote Critical Thinking?
    Explore how to create a discipline-specific strategy to grow your students critical thinking skills, identify critical thinking content, and adapt your courses accordingly. This program will give you a clearer and deeper understanding of critical thinking and how to teach it in your courses
  • How Can I Assess Critical Thinking with Objective Items?
    Learn how to assess critical thinking skills using an assortment of methods, such as true/false, matching, multiple choice, and multiple true/false tests. Receive step-by-step instruction in designing objective items to assess particular cognitive operations in critical thinking skills for a wide range of disciplines
  • How Can I Assess Critical Thinking with Student-Created Work?
    This program provides you with a portfolio of guidelines for assignments that test student-constructed responses. You will learn the keys to defining learning goals, creating assignments, and drafting rubrics to boost and measure critical thinking outcomes

Topics Covered

The presenter has garnered years of experience and research that in this series are distilled down to evidence-based strategies you can immediately implement.

After viewing these programs, you will be able to:

  • Explain what critical thinking is (and is not)
  • Identify suitable course content for teaching critical thinking
  • Write assessable critical thinking student learning outcomes that are compatible with your discipline
  • Integrate critical thinking into the design of your new or existing courses
  • Select and adapt strategies for teaching your students how to develop their critical thinking skills
  • Create effective, discipline-related content, assignments, and activities related to critical thinking
  • Identify and avoid the mistakes commonly made by instructors who attempt to teach critical thinking
  • Recognize opportunities for critical thinking assignments
  • Distinguish the critical thinking skills that objective items can assess from those that require student-constructed responses
  • Design prompts that elicit student-constructed responses that require critical thinking and that ensure a basis for assessing students cognitive skills
  • Develop rubrics for assessing those skills
  • Reward your students for thinking critically

The Critical Thinking 4 Pack will help you design and develop a discipline-based course with a critical-thinking focus. Your presenter carefully examines the critical-thinking landscape, reviews the best scholarship, and shows you how to apply it to your teaching.


Educators need to be clear about defining critical thinking and purposeful in designing the activities and assignments that will be used to promote its development. This series of programs will bring the concept of critical thinking into focus and provide actionable steps to help you design, promote, and assess it. Purchase yours’ today!

Individually, these programs sell for $99 each. By purchasing the 4-pack, you will save nearly $100.

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