A Simple Introduction to Team-Based Learning

A Simple Introduction to Team-Based Learning

Itís time to tackle team-based learning.
Hereís how to do it.

The flipped classroom took lectures out of the classroom, brought problem solving into the classroom, and otherwise turned traditional higher education pedagogy on its head. It has re-imagined learning and, in doing so, embraced strategies that used to cause consternation for educators and students alike.

Consider team-based learning.

What used to be known as group work has evolved into an effective tool for teaching students to work collectively and collaboratively, increasing studentsí aptitude for solving complex problems, facilitating stimulating class dialogue, and preparing students to effectively and meaningfully evaluate their peers. In other words, Team-based learning is real learning that works at all levels and across disciplines.

The best part is that you can find everything you need to try it in one handy resource.

A Simple Introduction to Team-Based Learning,A Magna Publications White Paper offers a proven, evidence-based method for adapting your courses and implementing team-based learning.

Topics Covered

This report is the essential guide you need to get going with team-based learning right away.

A Simple Introduction to Team-Based Learning covers all the basics, including how to:

  • Get started with team-based learning
  • Form and manage effective learning teams
  • Design team-based application activities
  • Assign preparatory work
  • Teach peer evaluation to gauge the effectiveness of the teams
  • Ensure and develop student accountability through team-based activities
  • Use team activities to stimulate learning

If you have been curious about team-based learning or eager to try it, this report is a smart place to begin. It provides the essential information and insight you need along with a clear step-by-step approach to confidently adopt a new pedagogical strategy with proven results.


A Simple Introduction to Team-Based Learning is available as a pdf for $99. For an additional $100, you can add a Campus Access License to make the report widely available at your institution.

This is the latest installment in the Magna Publications White Paper Series, a collection of resources designed to foster awareness and understanding of the key issues facing higher education and to help college professionals advance their skills. We strive to bring readers valuable content that you immediately can put to use at your college or university. We aim to simplify complex issues and deliver clear, actionable guidance so you can focus your energies on efforts that effectively and efficiently enhance the educational experience for your students.

A Simple Introduction to Team-Based Learning is an invaluable resource for anyone ready to get started with a proven flipped-classroom approach. Make your purchase now.

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