Confronting Cheating: A Legal Primer and Tool Kit

Confronting Cheating: A Legal Primer and Tool Kit


A cheating epidemic has descended upon colleges and universities, and it poses a danger to the health of your school.

Cheating strikes at the core of your school's integrity. It creates an unethical environment among your students, and ultimately diminishes the quality and reputation of your institution.

What's fueling the epidemic and why do you need to take action sooner than later?

Technology is making cheating easier than ever before

  • New electronic tools and techniques have made cheating too convenient for students and too difficult for faculty to monitor

Some students are more interested in a diploma than an education

  • For many students, the pursuit of knowledge has taken a back seat to the pursuit of a big salary. A diploma is the ticket to a high-paying job, and many will take the easiest route to get it

Legal issues are causing confusion and inaction

  • Administrators are wary of a legal misstep whenever a case of cheating arises. Is prosecuting a cheating case worth a lawsuit in return? If you're not prepared, your school faces that possibility

Learning Goals

This Magna White Paper will help you learn how to provide a unified front to combat cheating on campus.

After reading Confronting Cheating: A Legal Primer and Tool Kit, you'll learn how to:

  • Minimize your legal exposure
  • Develop an honor code for your campus
  • Analyze your current policies for consistency and thoroughness
  • Create tutorials for staff and students that clearly explain what constitutes cheating
  • Train your faculty and TAs on how to handle cheating in the classroom in order to avoid defamation charges by students
  • Build an understanding of the level of evidence that will be required in a hearing
  • Develop due process guidelines

Topics Covered

Confronting Cheating: A Legal Primer and Tool Kit gives a thorough insight on how to inoculate your institution against the cheating epidemic.

Authored by two experts in the field of academic cheating, will cut through the legalese and give you practical advice on:

  • Creating a culture of academic integrity students will experience the moment they step foot on your campus
  • Protecting yourself from defamation and invasion of privacy charges resulting from common confrontation methods
  • Combating the social norm that condones cheating by using five proven techniques in your classroom
  • Learning the best ways to handle grading and course completion while an investigation is underway
  • Eliminating confusion among your faculty and students by developing a cohesive package for academic integrity issues


Any educator from a two- or four-year college or university who is interested in creating a culture of academic integrity should attend. Recommended positions include:

  • College deans
  • Provosts
  • Department chairs
  • Faculty


Purchase this Magna Publications white paper today and learn how to inoculate your college or university against the cheating epidemic.


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