Efficient and Effective Feedback in the Online Classroom

Efficient and Effective Feedback in the Online Classroom

Better Feedback in Less Time

It’s part of any class—traditional or online. It’s even more critical in an online course when interaction is limited and connections are harder to establish.

Every instructor knows that feedback is important, but providing meaningful feedback can become tedious and time consuming.

But what if it didn’t have to be?

Believe it or not, there is a way to deliver better feedback—the kind that leads to a stronger rapport between an instructor and a student, the kind that leads to increased learning and improved academic outcomes—with less work, not more. 

The right combination of instructional strategies, emergent technology, and alternative approaches can help instructors generate powerful feedback faster than ever.

That, in turn, frees them to pursue other learning activities that deepen understanding of course content, activities for which they previously did not have time.

There is no secret formula. But you can learn what you need to do and how to do it in Efficient and Effective Feedback in the Online Classroom.

This Magna White Paper, based on a Magna Online Seminar, provides all of the insight and strategies you need to make more of the time and effort you put into feedback.

Topics Covered

Providing efficient and effective feedback begins long before the first task is assigned to students.

Instructors need to prioritize and schedule their time and then take advantage of specific technologies and tactics outlined in this report.

When they do, they will find that their feedback does more to advance student learning and improve course outcomes than they ever imagined it could.

More specifically, this report will detail:

  • Effective time-management strategies that enable you to spend more time on teaching activities that make the most impact on learning and less time on the tasks that are ineffective
  • How to use feedback to develop a rapport with online students
  • How to harness emergent technology to streamline the feedback process
  • How to adopt alternative approaches to feedback in order to maintain students’ interest and maximize learning opportunities
  • How to embrace and adopt a more holistic feedback approach that views feedback as an organic element of instruction


After you’ve absorbed Efficient and Effective Feedback in the Online Classroom, you will be prepared to immediately make changes to your feedback and see results right away. To help you, this white paper contains:

  • Feedback best practices for the online classroom
  • Tactics for scheduling and prioritizing feedback so that it gets the time it deserves, but not more
  • Guidance for developing an automated feedback bank, including recommended technologies and how to use them most effectively
  • Explanations of alternative approaches, including feedforward, one-to-many, and multimedia feedback
  • Clear guidance on the core components of meaningful feedback so that you can improve the quality of your feedback even while you reduce the amount of time you spend generating it
  • Lists of books and websites for further research and reading
  • Answers to common questions on feedback
  • Sample feedback templates, checklists, and rubrics


Ultimately, this white paper will show you how to deliver more meaningful feedback that has a bigger positive impact on learning outcomes while spending less time on the effort.

The strategies are relatively simple. The electronic tools are widely used and accessible. The value, though, is immense.

When you improve the quality of your feedback and the efficiency with which you prepare and deliver it, you will quickly discover how good feedback enhances learning and how more available time enables you to explore other productive learning activities.

The result is simply better outcomes with less time and effort.  

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