How to Effectively Assess Online Learning

How to Effectively Assess Online Learning


Changing the way you assess online learners can transform the way you teach.

Many familiar forms of assessment don’t work well—or at all—in a web-based format. Assessing students online requires fresh thinking, new ideas, and a willingness to embrace the latest technologies and methods for measuring learning in an online course.

At first glance, evaluating students online may seem more difficult and time-consuming. Closer examination, however, reveals an exciting array of assessment possibilities that can actually improve learning while reducing faculty workloads. The social media capabilities of online instruction can even help elevate students from passive recipients of information to active participants in constructing knowledge.

In How to Effectively Assess Online Learning, the author explains the potential for dramatically improving learner assessment in online coursework. Readers will discover the newest strategies for designing better online courses by letting assessment goals lead the way.

Topics Covered

This 48-page Magna white paper delivers updated assessment techniques tailored to the strengths of internet-based learning. You will learn:

  • Social Media strategies for “pulling” content from students
  • How the principles of sound assessment apply to online learning
  • How eLearning 2.0 assessment differs from traditional assessment
  • Ways to prioritize learning objectives
  • How to apply performance assessments in an online setting
  • Ways to provide transparent evaluative criteria
  • How to design effective performance tasks
  • Technologies that save time while improving feedback
  • New feedback and discussion options, including voice and video
  • How to use blogs and wikis to turn students into “teachers” and promote learning
  • How student teaching modules can facilitate learning
  • Uses for VoiceThread and Personal Learning Environments
  • How proper assessment transforms the entire online learning process


This white paper also includes a Sample Assessment Rubric and lists of recommended resources.


As with all Magna Publications products, this white paper is solution-oriented with a focus on delivering action steps for handling current topics of greatest concern to higher education educators. Our white paper topics are selected based on the intensity of the interest in the topics and the caliber of the information they contain.

This publication is recommended for online faculty members, distance education personnel, and faculty trainers.


Online assessment offers instructors the opportunity to completely reevaluate teaching and learning strategies. Discover how improved assessment practices can help your school leverage the full potential of online education by investing in How to Effectively Assess Online Learning today.


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