How to Evaluate the Impact of Faculty Development Programs

How to Evaluate the Impact of Faculty Development Programs

Strategic and Practical Advice to Know if You Are
Hitting Your Goals

Colleges spend a lot of money on faculty development programs in order to instill new techniques, mentor new instructors, and improve student outcomes.

Are they worth it?

In many cases they are. In some cases they arenít. But you canít know whether your efforts are invaluable, ineffective, or something in between unless you measure their impact. Once you do, you can stop wasting time and resources on efforts that donít yield results and start focusing your energies on the ones that do.

Start getting more for your money. This 32-page Magna Publications white paper provides the insight you need to get a better return on your investment from faculty development programs.

Topics Covered

How to Evaluate the Impact of Faculty Development Programs offers practical procedural guidance on how to accurately measure the effectiveness of your existing faculty development programming. And if your results are less than what you hope for, this white paper also provides strategies to drive improvement.

Specifically, this white paper explores the following:

  • The distinctions between evaluation, assessment, and review
  • The unique characteristics of faculty development programming
  • Current evaluation practices and suggestions for developing a customized evaluation framework
  • The challenges of and best practices for measuring program effectiveness and success
  • Strategies for responding to results of evaluations


Inadequate measurement is seldom the result of insufficient effort. However, instructional developers spend too much time designing programming and not enough measuring its effectiveness. This white paper will help you strike a better balance between creating programming and evaluating its impact.

Ultimately this white paper will help institutions become better stewards of their resources. With reliable evaluation results, schools can direct funding to the faculty development efforts that make the college or university a better place to teach, conduct research, and learn.

Who should read it:

  • Faculty developers
  • Directors of faculty development
  • Directors of teaching and learning centers
  • Academic deans
  • Vice presidents of Academic Affairs


How to Evaluate the Impact of Faculty Development Programs helps learn strategies to assess existing programs and how to improve. Make your purchase today.

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