How to Plan and Lead Productive Academic Meetings

How to Plan and Lead Productive Academic Meetings

Lead More Productive Academic Meetings

Nearly everyone has experienced a bad meeting.

  • A bad meeting is a meeting where nothing seems to happen
  • There is no clear agenda or defined goals
  • People talk and talk and nothing positive is accomplished
  • In the absence of confident leadership, a few assertive individuals step forward to dominate the proceedings
  • Meanwhile, the majority of participants sit passively, watching the clock and contributing nothing

Unproductive meetings can be painful to endure, and a costly waste of time and money.

With better preparation and the implementation of a few key principles, you can avoid the most common problems and dramatically improve higher education gatherings.

In How to Plan and Lead Productive Academic Meetings, you discover the most effective strategies for preparing for and conducting effective meetings that involve faculty members.

Topics Covered

This white paper outlines the strategies needed to take full control of meeting management, including:

  • Meeting preparation guidelines
  • Agenda considerations
  • Crafting behavioral “ground rules”
  • Defining the purpose for each meeting
  • Writing clear meeting objectives
  • Handling disruptions during a meeting
  • Dealing with dominant or disruptive individuals
  • Seeking greater input from quiet attendees
  • Providing useful summations
  • Offering constructive feedback to participants
  • Meeting follow up
  • Decision-making protocol
  • Dealing with persistent meeting disrupters

This exclusive professional development resource provides you with a sample agenda, suggested meeting ground rules, an issue preparation form and follow up questions for attendees. It also includes examples of typical meeting scenarios with analyses and recommendations.


How to Plan and Lead Productive Academic Meetings is recommended for all academic leaders involved in planning and conducting meetings that involve faculty members, as well as for anyone interested in improving meeting processes. 


People who work in higher education spend a lot of time in meetings. To ensure that that time is well spent, invest in How to Plan and Lead Productive Academic Meetings today.


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