Risk Management for Student Organization Advisors

Risk Management for Student Organization Advisors

Advising Student Organizations Shouldn’t Be Risky!

All sorts of things can go wrong when you’re running a student organization. Your students could get rowdy and injure themselves at an orientation event. Transportation accidents may occur en route to an off-site event. Facilities or property may be damaged.

If you let your anxious imagination run away with you, you can come up with reasons to say “No” to nearly any student request or proposed activity.

Now, you can calm down.

With a thorough grasp of the issues involved, and proper planning, student organization advisors can confidently say, “YES!” while maintaining safety and limiting risks.

By understanding the concepts of authority, duty to care, negligence, and torts—and by using legal common sense—you can help organizations run an exciting calendar of events without exposing yourself or your school to liability.

Learning Goals

After reading Risk Management for Student Organization Advisors, you will be able to:

  • Identify, define, and communicate the components of an advisor’s Duty to Care
  • Articulate effectively the scope of your position as it pertains to responsibilities of student organization risk management and advising
  • Understand the components of negligence as it pertains to responsibilities of student organization risk management and advising
  • Have a working knowledge of the basics of tort law and an advisor’s liability in working with student leaders and student organizations

Topics Covered

Risk Management for Student Organization Advisors explains these important terms in plain English (not Legal-ese) so that you can take the steps necessary to safeguard organizational activities and reduce potential problems.

This 45-page report also includes strategic information on:

  • The five kinds of risks you must recognize and mitigate
  • What you must never do, unless you want to risk losing insurance coverage
  • What factors must be in place before saying “yes!” to student requests
  • How to avoid being found negligent
  • The key components of your professional “duty to care”
  • Turning organizational advisement into teaching moments
  • How long to hold onto records
  • Documentation guidelines
  • Definition of a tort
  • Institutional liability versus personal liability
  • Managing organization publications
  • The difference between expressed, apparent, and implied authority
  • Realistic liability concerns…and how to reduce them
  • Ways to mitigate foreseeable risks
  • Ways to avoid a lawsuit
  • What worries keep student organization advisors up at night…and what to do about it


This white paper concludes with a summary review sheet of relevant risk management concepts, for easy reference. It also includes a case study with processing questions, along with a sample pre-event planning form.


Risk Management for Student Organization Advisors takes a practical and realistic approach to empowering students and advisors to think proactively about mitigating risks so that activities may proceed safely with full coverage in place in case of unforeseen events. Order today.


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