Service-Learning Course Design: What Faculty Need to Know

Service-Learning Course Design: What Faculty Need to Know


Many faculty members would like to design and teach a service-learning course. It’s no wonder–more colleges and universities are adding service-learning to their general educational offerings. With its unique mix of academic content, service experience and critical reflection, service-learning is a high-impact educational practice.

But designing a service-learning course is a huge undertaking.

  • There’s plenty of information out there–but that’s the problem
  • Where do you go to find an effective resource that will answer your questions

Topics Covered

Service-Learning Course Design: What Faculty Need to Know from Magna provides you with the resources and insight you need. This professional development White Paper explains the rationale and provides the “how-to” details of designing and teaching a service-learning course.

With a service-learning course, students deepen their understanding of course content, mix theory with practice, and increase their understanding of the complexity of social issues–all valuable workplace skills. Community organizations benefit from the surge of new ideas, energy, and assistance as their delivery services are enhanced.

Faculty members find it stimulating to explore the connections between their discipline and critical questions facing our global society.

In this White Paper, you’ll learn:

  • The two elements that make service-learning unique–and why they must be integrated into the course design
  • How to use a service-learning course design across the various disciplines
  • How to align pedagogies with desired outcomes
  • Building a successful partnership with a community organization
  • Assessing service-learning course design
  • How to create an effective syllabus
  • Avoiding potential design problems


As a bonus, you’ll receive a list of valuable print and online resources and a comprehensive checklist that will guide you in all phases of design and execution of a successful service-learning offering.


Successful outcomes are possible with the aid of a well-designed and well-taught service-learning course. But it doesn’t happen by itself. Whether you’re just getting your feet wet and want to know more about designing a successful service-learning course, or integrate it into a course you’re already teaching, let this White Paper guide you to mastery and success. Purchase today.


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