Student Leadership Development Programs: 16 Best Practices

Student Leadership Development Programs: 16 Best Practices

Help for developing your campus student leaders

With all the tools, techniques and approaches available, which ones are actually benefiting your students?

These are tough questions, but now there are good answers – research-based answers – that you can put to use in your campus programs, to create a richer, more fulfilling experience for your current and future student leaders.

Learning Goals

Student Leadership Development Programs: 16 Best Practices encapsulates findings from an extensive survey of students, faculty, student affairs professionals, and student advisors.

After reading this Magna Publications White Paper, you will know:

  • How you evaluate which parts of your current student leadership program need more work
  • How you help students tie what they learn in your program to real-world leadership issues
  • The art of accommodating a variety of student learning styles and interests
  • How you recruit a diverse group of engaged, active students
  • How you help students become more thoughtful, flexible leaders
  • Partnership strategies with other areas of campus to create a more coherent, effective student leadership experience

Topics Covered

Student Leadership Development Programs: 16 Best Practices help you learn what’s worked best on campuses nationwide with regard to:

  • Identification and recruitment of high-potential leaders
  • Mentoring and feedback
  • Team-building
  • Proper team structure for empowerment and inclusion
  • Developmental activities both within and outside a student organization
  • Accommodation of different learning styles
  • Assessment and continuous improvement of development programs


Along with what works, you’ll also learn what doesn’t … the mistakes that can fracture team cohesiveness, decrease commitment, and discourage the development of strong leaders.


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