Ten Strategies to Improve Blended Course Design

Ten Strategies to Improve Blended Course Design


Blended learning can increase accessibility and improve academic outcomes for students. It brings flexibility to student schedules and campus facilities. It engages students in and out of the classroom.

When properly employed, technology offers great teaching opportunities to instructors and schools.

But it is not enough simply to shift components of traditional courses online.

New tools require new tactics, new assignments, and new ways of teaching.

Institutions that take up the challenge are rewarded with increased learning opportunities and flexibility along with improved student success.

Instructors who embrace these opportunities will discover that blended learning can revolutionize the concept of the classroom.

Topics Covered

How are you to know what is available and what would work well for your disciplines?

You can start with the new Magna White Paper Ten Strategies to Improve Blended Course Design. This 50-page white paper will give you the insights and tools you need to make the most of your blended courses. These include:

  • A methodology for designing blended courses
  • Ideas for creating opportunities to learn in and out of the classroom
  • Ways to encourage student collaboration
  • Rationales for employing both high- and low-stakes grading opportunities
  • Strategies for staying organized
  • Opportunities to use technology to increase the value of face-to-face learning


Make the Most of Instructional Technology. Ten Strategies to Improve Blended Course Design is a valuable resource for any institution using any kind of instructional technology, and that means just about every college and universityóeven those that do not offer online degrees. Isnít it time to learn how to use technology to bring your classrooms into the modern era and propel your students to their ultimate potential?

Donít wait to put technology to good use. Learn how to make the most of these new teaching tools. Purchase now.

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