Workshop Blocks

Block #1: General Leadership 

Are you a new and emerging leader looking to become the next great leader on your campus? Are you a seasoned established student leader? Discover amazing opportunities for both types leadership skill sets. Through traditional and new leadership theories, we've got you covered.

Practical Improv for Leadership—Simple and fun techniques to be a better, more productive student leader 
Presenter: Dave Collins
“Improv” is the practice of unplanned interaction with others. That means improvisation is a skill practiced by everyone, every single day. As much as we would like to rehearse and practice our lines for critical moments, there's no script sitting on our desk each morning, outlining all the things we'll say and do throughout the day. Learning simple tools for improvising better is a highly effective way to improve individual and team outcomes for student leaders. This session teaches the basics of improvisation and how to apply it to everyday communication to make students more effective leaders, communicators, and collaborators. 

Six Ways to Build Unstoppable Leaders
Presenter: Odell Bizell
Do you encounter obstacles as a student leader? Do you sometimes take on too much, but have trouble figuring out what to cut out? Do conflicts outside of your leadership role sometime hinder your ability to lead effectively? If so, this workshop is perfect for you. In this presentation we break down the word “impact” into six specific strategies that will help build unstoppable leaders and help you achieve more than you thought possible.

24 Karat Goals
Presenter: Antonio Talamo
“Pop, Pop it's Showtime!” and just about that time to turn goals to a reality.  In this Bruno Mars' themed presentation students will learn ways to effectively set and execute their goals and finesse their way to success.

Just Because They Don't Live Here Doesn't Mean It Isn't Home: Commuter Student Engagement
Presenter: Scott Siegel
Nearly every campus has a population of commuter students. How do we ensure that we as a campus community are inclusive? This workshop explores the different types of commuter students and offers a discussion of best practices on how to engage with this often-untapped group. Additionally, you will have a chance to make your own commuter student event!

Get A Life…Outside the Classroom: What Every College Student Needs To Know About Campus Engagement
Presenter: Collegiate Empowerment
Here, we are preaching to the choir. This session guides student leaders in helping first-year students and others in need to make the most of their college career by understanding the benefits of getting involved (going to conferences like NCSL, wink wink) and provides the tools for how to discover their deeper purpose for life after graduation.

Block #2: Culturally Responsive Leadership

Including students' cultural references in all aspects of learning and leadership is important. This workshop block pays attention to conversations being had by students across the country. From pop culture references to media literacy, these workshops set the tone for relevant leadership today and tomorrow.

Diversity Sandwich
Presenter: Antonio Talamo
In this interactive presentation, participants are challenged to understand and accept each other's differences. Participants will have an opportunity to create their own metaphorical sandwich while “digesting” ways to become better citizens. This presentation uses a light-hearted approach to tackle serious issues prominent in our society.

Freestyle Rap Leadership
Presenter: Bert Gervais
Freestyling is all about improvisation, trust, and getting out of your comfort zone. Even beginners can learn the basics of freestyling and ways to apply those techniques to their leadership approach. Freestyle leadership will empower you to be a dynamic campus changemaker. Everyone wants to follow someone with BARS!

#WakandaRightNow—Building a Woke and Responsible Community on Campus
Presenter: Odell Bizzell
The movie Black Panther was a cultural phenomenon that featured A LOT of positive dialogue and good feelings across all communities. But how do we capitalize and turn all the buzz and hype that surrounded the movie into something positive for students? In this session we take elements from the Black Panther movie and create a framework for building a Woke & Responsible community on campus.

It Was All a Dream: Being Biggie Smalls in a Sea of Mumble Rappers: Leaving Your Legacy
Presenter: Sabrina Spadafino
In today's always revolving door of “new and hot” rappers, mix tapes drop every other day, but how many can say they have a legacy? When your think about your time as a student leader you should want to make an impact—be the Biggie Smalls of your time. By learning what it means to be impactful, understanding, and approachable students will learn how to become their own HIP HOP OG. Through this workshop, you will understand what a legacy in leadership is, you will learn how making an impact by being approachable and understanding is beneficial, and you will assess your leadership tactics and determine what legacy you want to leave.

#TrustTheProcess: Changing Culture in Your Organizations
Presenter: Alvert Hernandez
Has your organization been struggling? It’s okay! Every organization has their ups and downs and it is part of the process. This workshop combines organizational leadership theories with the Philadelphia 76ers organization to discuss how to create sustainable positive change! Get your strategies together and leave with action plans and accountability partners.

Block #3 and #4: Professional Developmen

Prepare for the transition from student leader to dynamic employee. From email etiquette to negotiation skills and more this professional development block will help you gain skills needed to land that dream job. This workshop block repeats.

Spoken and Unspoken Rules of the Workplace
Presenter: Monique Lopez
It’s time to get prepared for the professional world. Through this workshop students will gain the skills needed to succeed within a workplace. Learn about professionalism and the nuances of highly impactful businesses. Find out what works and what doesn’t. Make sure you are being effective in your ways.

Better Brainstorming—Learn How to Generate More Ideas in Less Time
Presenter: Dave Collins
Brainstorming is an amazing way to generate a lot of ideas in a short amount of time. This technique is used by leaders in all sorts of situations, however it’s rare that we stop to think about how to make brainstorms more effective. In this workshop, we’ll work through a variety of strategies for facilitating brainstorms. You’ll learn how to focus your brainstorming sessions to generate better solutions more quickly. We’ll have the opportunity to reflect on ways you can prepare your teams ahead of time to get the most out of your idea generation sessions and how to take your ideas and refine them to pick the best, most effective solutions for your challenges.

How to Win in the Interview Process
Presenter: Dionna Scales
No matter what field or industry you end up in, you're going to need to write a great resume and master the interview process.  In this workshop, you'll learn how to tailor your resume for every job you apply for and interview like a pro.

Student to Professional: How to Deal with the Changes
Presenters: Derek Lujan-Brooks and Sabrina Spadafino
You’ve found your place on campus and you’ve fallen in love with higher education, but now it’s time to get ready to leave. It can be difficult to transition from a student leader and worker to a professional employee. We’ll use personal stories of from the student perspective and the employer’s perspective. An open dialog will take place and best practices will be discussed.

The No MBA Business Owner
Presenters: Lisette Miranda
Taking leaps can often be a scary thing. In the time after graduation, you might feel a bit confused. Within this workshop, participants will learn strategic planning geared towards taking calculated risks towards achieving entrepreneurial freedom. Learn skills about how to specifically highlight your own personal narrative and transform that into successful business opportunities. Participants will not only take a journey through the instructor’s experience as a world traveler, teacher, and business owner but will leave with tangible tips on how to start a business, how to effectively network, and more. Turn your leadership skills into a key component of becoming a successful business owner.

Block #5: Leadership and Branding

Student leaders do a great job of reaching out to voices similar to theirs. Are you ready to push your leadership to the next level? Learn to promote your organizations and reach beyond your familiar friends to new audiences and beyond. Gain the skills needed to make leadership the ultimate brand.

Selling Yourself as A Leader: The Art of Persuasion
Presenter: Adrian Odate
The idea that sales is an action performed by only those people we title as salespeople is wrong. Anyone who aims to persuade is a salesperson. As leaders, you are tasked with selling a vision. As leaders, our product or service is abstract and quite often a promise of a better world. Learn the art of persuasion and how to sell the intangible.

Manage Your Brand; Manage Your Career
Presenter: Dionna Scales
Just like companies have brand managers, you should have one as well. With a strong personal brand, you’ll be able to network and succeed in your career. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to develop, manage, and communicate your personal brand. We’ll also spend some time talking about how to leverage social media to help you reach your goals.

Leadership Inc.: Demand Your Brand 
Presenter: Antonio Talamo
When we think of brands, we think of companies like Nike, Pepsi, and Amazon. But what about your brand? Discover how professional branding techniques can improve yourself and your club or organization. Learn how to identify and create your own leadership brand.  Identify ways to effectively market yourself as a leader including how to "sell" your brand to others and understand the importance of doing so. From goal setting to marketing your ideas, this session will assist in developing a more well-rounded leader. You will be challenged to think about yourself and your role in society and at your institution, and how you can begin to brand yourself efficiently. 

More Telling, Less Asking: How to Negotiate Like a Boss and Get What You Want Almost Every Time
Presenter: Ash Cash
More Telling, Less Asking is the ultimate negotiation workshop. This workshop gives you the tools, techniques, and confidence you need to negotiate like a boss and get what you want almost every time. Whether it’s negotiating salary, a promotion, a new client, or even with your significant other, you will learn how top CEO's get most people to say yes.

Every Day is Business
Presenter: Lenny Williams 
Business is around us every single day. This workshop is designed to expose the students to many functions of business within their clubs organizations and personal life. The workshop shows the attendees how these functions exist in reality and social media. The workshop will also expose each attendee with the impact of business tools such as negotiation,effective communication, branding/marketing and return on their college investment.  This workshop ultimately shows the importance of business no matter your major or field of study.

Block #6 and #7: Self Care and Wellness 

In the fast-paced world of student leadership we often forget to take out some time for ourselves. Student leaders need to acknowledge the need for mental and physical health, and then learn the techniques needed to live a healthy and well life. This workshop block repeats.

The Leader’s Workout Plan
Presenter: Adrian Odate
The work of a leader requires as much physical strength as it does mental and emotional strength. Often leaders sacrifice their bodies in order to accomplish their mission(s). But it doesn’t have to be that way. Participants will learn how to make their bodies as strong as their minds are. Create a plan and establish basic fitness and leadership pillars needed for leaders to stay motivated.

Breathe for Improved Focus: Guided Breathing Meditation with Intention (Block 6)
Presenter: Sakina Williams
Participants will learn to destress from the worries of school, exams, and other challenges to reground and learn about self-care practices through a guided meditation that focuses on breathing (pranayama). Each participant will set an intention at the start of the workshop using it as they are guided through a meditation. Eye masks provided.

Mindful Leadership: Clearing Personal Clutter (Block 7)
Presenter: Sakina Williams
On the journey to self-care and becoming a more effective, mindful leader it is easy to lose focus because of internal clutter. Our bodies and minds often become unbalanced. This workshop will help you shape your body and mind to continue to inspire others. You will be guided through slow moving, focused balancing asanas (poses) that will help you to center yourself and continue your journey to be a mindful leader.

Are You Scared? Why? Conquering Your Fears to Take Over!
Presenter: Darryl Bellamy
You have fears stopping you from reaching your next goal, but guess what? We all do. The leaders who make an impact learn how to channel those voices in order to make an impact on their campus and even in their lives. After collecting over six thousand fears from student leaders around the country, we use that data to help you remember you’re not alone and give you strategies to be more fearless every day. You’ll leave with clear and tested strategies to be more fearless, along with a greater connection with your fellow leaders around world. Ready to be more fearless?

Self-Care is Revolutionary
Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Mullan
In this workshop, Dr. Mullan will provide tools to begin supporting your own wellness practices by challenging and removing oppressive and colonial ways of thinking from your movements. The goal is practical decolonization, and how to live it daily.  Dr. Mullan seeks to insert space to discuss how we can go about the process of decolonizing our own self-care and social justice practices. The focal point of the workshop is to help students facilitate a more balanced life, by practicing routine decolonized self-care.

The Perfect Filter
Presenter: Lenny Williams
Filters…we have seen or used them all. Snapchat, Instagram, and more provide filters such as the dog, bunny, and flowers to help enhance your picture. As humans, we must realize these filters can’t change our personality or current reality. Many studies have shown that over 50 million Americans suffer from low self-esteem. In this heartfelt presentation we dig deep into finding real ways to build our self-esteem while building unity in deconstructing stereotypes. All participants will leave this presentation loving themselves and their surrounding communities.

Block #8: Life Skills and Personal Development  

It is essential to be prepared for situations that take place beyond the college classroom. It is just as important that you take care of and be aware of your own personal development. These workshops focus on leadership traits that will prepare you today for all you'll need for tomorrow.

The Wake-Up Call: Financial Lessons Learned from Jay Z's 4:44 album
Presenter: Ash Cash
Using lyrics from Jay-Z's latest album 4:44 this workshop will teach participants about credit: what it is; how it works; how it  can be used it to build wealth; appreciation and depreciation; how to spend your money wisely; how to start a business; how to create multiple streams of income; and how to invest your money in order for it to grow. Inspired by Cash’s best-selling book, this workshop will give any leader a head start in financial literacy.

Oh No You Didn’t!?! How to Communicate Your Way Out of Conflict Situations
Presenter: Dr. Brandi Baldwin-Rana
It's easy to communicate when everything's going fine. But what happens when you find yourself in a sticky situation? When you must share some not-so-good feedback, or when you have to confront someone about their bad behavior? Learn a simple three-step process to communicate yourself out of those undesirable conflict-filled situations. Plus, learn your conflict style and how it's hindering you from taking your leadership to the next level.

Grit: What Every College Student Needs to Know About College Completion
Presenter: Collegiate Empowerment
Grit is the latest buzzword to strike the higher education industry, and for good reason: the stats are ugly. One of three U.S. college students drops in the first year. Only 5% of community college students complete their associate degree in two years. Only 19% of students complete their bachelor degree within four years. This session is about resilience, persistence, and college completion…and helping others do the same.

For the Culture: Legacy-Building Leadership
Presenter: Natilie Williams
Kanye West revealed that Sway doesn’t have all the answers; well student leaders aren’t expected to either. But, they are expected to continue setting the example through innovative campus programming and legacy-building student leadership. Participants will examine the perception of the student leadership culture and discuss steps to maximize their individual and collective legacy during their campus takeover. This highly interactive workshop will also examine what it means to leave a legacy, how to balance social image and academic/professional development, detail clear goals through execution, all while using pop culture examples. Participants will walk away with tangible ideas and methods on how to leave a legacy at their college/university.

The Voice of a Confident Leader
Presenter: Helen Moses 
Successful leaders know that projecting confidence is a must for establishing credibility, gaining trust, and influencing others to buy into their vision. In other words, you can’t get the vote until you have the voice. Are you maximizing the potential of your voice to lead your team? (Or is the way you communicate jeopardizing the outcome of your efforts?) Imagine the possibilities for exceeding your organization’s goals once you can confidently inspire, persuade, and motivate others to take action! Through this fun and interactive program, you’ll discover three keys to speaking with impact, even when you aren't feeling 100% confident. You will also learn how using your voice more often and more strategically will unlock possibilities for making a difference beyond what you’ve witnessed in your leadership journey.

Block #9: Effective Communication 

One of the most important skills of success is effective communication. Your campus needs confident voices, and your future employers want people who can network. These workshops provide the tools you need to improve your communication skills.

Six Ways to Not Get Lost in The Sauce: Effective Communication
Presenter: Alvert Hernandez
Have you ever been in a situation in which you asked yourself, “Why did I just say that?!” This interactive workshop will focus on making sure your message does not get lost in the sauce when speaking to friends, colleagues, or even future employers! Learn how to articulate your messages more clearly and be more effective in conveying that message you are intending to deliver.

Effective Public Speaking Tools According to Kanye West
Presenter: Jeff Dess
Kanye West is known for his musical success, outgoing personality, and for his ability to express his thoughts to any audience willing to listen. Through this interactive workshop, students will learn how the keys to conquering what many call their greatest fear. With the help of musical clips, video, and sound bites, students will learn some of the most important lessons and keys towards becoming a successful public speaker.

Owning Your Story: Cardi B and Student Leadership
Presenter: Natilie Williams
Entertainment artist Cardi B is known for her unforgettable and somewhat funny communication skills she uses to tell her story and they work! We know that student leadership isn’t true leadership without the communication skills to lead and guide ourselves and others. This engaging workshop will allow participants to assess their communication skills, take ownership of their personal stories, and practice steps to others engage in conversation with the desire to influence.

Mind Right, Lead Right: How to Effectively Guide Your Team to Success in a World Where the Rules are Constantly Changing
Presenter: Ash Cash
The one thing that always remains constant is change! When it comes to leadership there can never be a one-size-fits-all method, so how can leaders become more effective and ensure success for themselves and their teams? This workshop will give participants the tools necessary to become a consistent and effective leader. You will learn why keeping a proper perspective (mindset) is the most important attribute to leadership and how to inspire and motivate your team even when you don't feel like it.

The Voice of a Confident Leader
Presenter: Helen Moses 
Successful leaders know that projecting confidence is a must for establishing credibility, gaining trust, and influencing others to buy into their vision. In other words, you can’t get the vote until you have the voice. Are you maximizing the potential of your voice to lead your team? (Or is the way you communicate jeopardizing the outcome of your efforts?) Imagine the possibilities for exceeding your organization’s goals once you can confidently inspire, persuade, and motivate others to take action! Through this fun and interactive program, you’ll discover three keys to speaking with impact, even when you aren't feeling 100% confident. You will also learn how using your voice more often and more strategically will unlock possibilities for making a difference beyond what you’ve witnessed in your leadership journey.

Professional Development Workshops for Advisors

Advisors, we didn't forget about you. We have comprehensive workshops that will not only help you better advise your students but also enhance your skills as an educator and professional. These workshops pay close attention to certain competencies of higher education and leadership. Each workshop is offered once.

When It’s Time to Move Out: A Roundtable Discussion on Knowing When It's Time to Leave an Institution and How to Do It
Presenter: Scott Siegel
All professionals eventually come to a fork in the road: Is it worth staying at our current institutions or look elsewhere? In a roundtable discussion, professionals will get to share experiences of taking the leap to another institution. We will also discuss best practices on how to make the transition best for all.

Playing Nice in the Sandbox: Using Relationship Management to Navigate Your Higher Ed Career
Presenters: Scott Siegel and Sabrina Spadafino
As professionals, the time will come when you must leverage a campus partner or someone in your office. How can we best use relationship management to turn collaboration into an advantage? Furthermore, how can we work with that difficult person to make our lives easier? We will explore different types of relationships in a university setting as well as offer best practices about relationship management and working with difficult people.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Changing Your Office Climate 
Presenter: Jeff Dess
Using the popular game as a vehicle, this workshop breaks down key strategies that help enhance office climate. Participants will discuss how to eliminate negative characteristics, how to address difficult personalities, and how to avoid being stagnant. Through dialogue, gaming, and higher-education theories, participants will work together to learn how to both eliminate toxic behaviors that stunt office growth and also continue to grow a healthy environment.

Building the Perfect Student Leader Team
Presenter: Jeff Dess
Finding student leaders who are already engaged is the easy part. How do you identify the future Student Body President or Orientation Leader? What types of characteristics will help you form the perfect team of club executive boards or Resident Assistants? This workshop provides you with the tools needed to recruit and identify non-traditional leaders on your campus. You’ll also learn about student leadership typologies that will help create a team of leaders. Step outside of the box and find the change agents and diamonds in the rough who can transform your campus.

Self-Care: Release, Rebalance and Recharge
Presenter: Sakina Brehon Williams
On this journey to self-care, participants will release, rebalance, and recharge with music that touches the soul and will get energy flowing and revitalize the system with an asana practice. At the start of the workshop, participants will identify the stresses they want to release then work on how to manage them through gentle energizing movements. The session will end with a guided breathing meditation. Eye Masks will be provided.

We Cannot Take Our Students To a Place We Have Not Yet Been
Presenter: Joe Urbanski 
We know, we know: you’re overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid! With the 14-hour work days, nighttime programming, weekend events, nonstop emails, way too many phone calls, student demands, unscheduled meeting requests, and meetings about your meetings, it’s no wonder why burnout happens at 4-6 years. There is no work-life balance; it’s a work-life negotiation!  During this session, we will help you stop your hectic routine to see where your hectic routine is taking you by rediscovering what inspired you to join the profession, reigniting the spark to keep you going, and reimagining your concerns, excitement, and confidence in a way that rejuvenates your spirit!

The Art of the Side Hustle: Turning Your Passion Into Profit
Presenter: Ash Cash
Everyone has dreams but not everyone knows how to turn those dreams into reality. This workshop teaches you how to live your dream while making a profit. Manage your career and gain the tools to turn passion into profit.

Keeping up with Commuters
Presenter: Antonio Talamo
It seems that these days we spend more time keeping up with the Kardashians than keeping up with the growing population of commuter students on college campuses. In this session you’ll hear a fresh perspective of ways to engage the commuter population through innovative programming, campus collaboration, and student connections. Drawing on years of experience, the presenter will discuss ways to change the campus culture to help foster a commuter-friendly environment. You’ll learn about some of the key challenges to being a commuter and ways to create strategic initiatives to combat these issues. 

Are You Naked and Afraid?: Embracing Your Authentic Self 
Presenter: Barb Meidl
This interactive workshop is designed to help you connect your authentic self with your professional persona while integrating ideas for continued self-growth and making connections with the students we serve.

After attending this session, you will:

  • Compare a pre-workshop and end-of-workshop personal self-awareness assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • Summarize the differences between work-self and personal-self and know how the two intertwine on a regular basis
  • Reflect and discuss your assessment and understand how to implement personal rules to live by to maintain your most authentic self, and identify when you are in need of a personal recharge
  • Influence others with a better understanding of your personal roots and who you have grown to be as a professional