Workshop Blocks

Block #1: General Leadership 

Learn basic and advanced leadership skills from premier educators and leaders from around the country. Whether you are an emerging leader or an established one, these workshops are for you.

Block #2: Life Skills and Personal Development

Leadership reaches beyond the conference—and beyond the classroom. It is part of your everyday life. These workshops provide the leadership skills needed to prepare you for the world that awaits outside of the traditional college and university walls.

Block #3: Networking

Learn how to build impactful relationships and expand your network. Build your skills and learn how to create more meaningful connections, job opportunities, and more.

Block #4: Effective Communication

Communication is key to leading change, motivating participation, expressing your point of view. These workshops will help you master articulating your vision, communicating in groups, and other areas of public motivational speaking.

Block #5: The Path to Professionalism

Participate in a roundtable/panel discussion with leaders in various professional fields. From interview skills to professional dress to internship opportunities and how to navigate the world beyond the classroom these professionals will turn you into a pro! Offered twice to maximize your opportunity for learning.

Block #6: Expression and Leadership 

Improve your leadership effectiveness by using creative expression. Learn from the experts and let the world hear you!

Block #7: Self-Care and Wellness

In the fast-paced world of student leadership we often forget to take time for ourselves. But mental and physical health are key components of success. Learn techniques for making self-care and wellness a priority despite a busy, pressure-filled schedule. Offered twice to maximize your opportunity for learning.

Workshop for Advisors

Advisors! We have heard your voice! Our facilitators represent a combined 100 years of experience in Higher Education from Administrative, to Faculty, to consultants. They are here for you with nine unique experience and research-based workshops. You’ll have the opportunity for professional development mixed with the same NCSL flavor your students have come to love to add a little energy to your sessions and diversify the experience.