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Now–December 31, 2022

About the Teaching Professor Online Conference

Many participants of the past two Teaching Professor Virtual Conferences loved attending online. This inspired us to create a new type of conference that benefits busy educators worldwide. The Teaching Professor Online Conference is a fully online conference that promises a premium experience for everyone—no matter where you are. This conference allows for the best interaction with your peers while allowing you to “be there” from your location, be it near or far. 

The Teaching Professor Online Conference provides the ideal blend of synchronous and asynchronous presentations. You will be able to access any session as many times as you wish up to December 31 while enjoying live sessions with your peers from October 25-28. There’s even special live preconference and postconference workshops to further indulge your drive to make your teaching the best it can be. 

The Teaching Professor Online Conference is for education professionals to further their learning, engage in lively debates, and meet others in academia who share a drive for excellence in teaching. Be a part of the conference committed to bringing practical teaching ideas, research, and methods to a broad swath of educators from all different disciplines and around the world.  

No need to book your flight or hotel—just register today and join us from a location of your choice. 

The Teaching Professor Online Conference – the conference where you can focus on teaching, no matter what you teach.