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Founded in 1937, BHDP, has grown to a team of nearly 200 professionals around the country. BHDP’s comprehensive suite of higher education services has advanced the mission at hundreds of postsecondary institutions. Our team of strategists, architects, designers, and higher education specialists lend their expertise to postsecondary leaders across all institutional types, public and private. BHDP’s expertise in the planning and design of academic and student facilities, teaching and research laboratories, administration and student support spaces, and campus master planning is founded upon our knowledge of the business of higher education and a passion for improving student and faculty experiences.

Follett Higher Education partners with more than 1,000 colleges and universities across North America to inspire, enable, and celebrate the academic journey. We’re shaping the future of higher education—with memorable retail experiences, pioneering technology, sustainable practices, and programs that ensure students get instant, equal, and affordable access to the course materials they need to be successful. Building on 150 years of experience serving college campuses, Follett delivers industry-leading expertise to help schools of all sizes create one-of-a-kind experiences, foster academic enrichment, and evoke campus pride.

Inspera is a global leader in digital examination solutions. Our cutting-edge platform ensures efficient, effective, and accessible assessments and examinations. More than 147 educational institutions worldwide are using Inspera to digitally deliver standardized tests, open and closed-book exams, final exams, and coursework assessments, on-site or in a hybrid/remote environment. Founded in 1999, Inspera serves active users in 164 countries across five continents. Our end-to-end platform, remote proctoring services and originality and AI detection solutions ensure successful institution-wide adoption and implementation to facilitate, promote and capture student success.

Colleges and universities may need to manage, resolve and prevent conflict. As a worldwide leader in dispute resolution since 1979, JAMS is qualified to provide a comprehensive range of unique and effective solutions for problems facing students, faculty and staff including Title IX and Title VII hearing officers, training, facilitation and systems design services for human resources and other departments.
As an external, neutral entity, JAMS brings objectivity to disputes affecting the organizations and parties we serve. Our neutrality reinforces principles of fairness within otherwise closed systems that often create the perception of conflicts of interest.

Leadership Trainer is the authority in trainer preparation. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization driven to create leadership culture-change by preparing those who are charged with and responsible for the training and development of others.

At Upswing, we believe all students should have access to the same opportunities for upward mobility. Our online, wraparound student services platform helps colleges and universities reduce the barriers to graduation for nontraditional students through holistic support services. Our SMS notification tool, tutoring, advising, assignment review, and mental health care support provide for the whole student and allow our partners to reach, support, and retain more students. Upswing is designed to be customizable, affordable, and easy to use. We provide a solution that addresses our partners’ needs and enhances existing on-campus resources. To learn more contact us at

ViewPoint is an educational simulation software that enhances student engagement through immersive role-playing simulations. ViewPoint aims to empower instructors and enhance student learning outcomes by engaging students in experiential learning, collaboration, and decision making. For educators who seek to increase learner engagement, enhance student internalization, and cultivate empathy and problem solving beyond the classroom, ViewPoint provides a solution. Unlike other online simulation software, ViewPoint is simple to use, intuitive, and fully customizable.

Merit empowers more than 500 colleges and universities to effortlessly recognize and promote student accomplishments, both inside and outside the classroom. Through personalized profiles, schools not only celebrate the diverse achievements of their students but also enhance engagement, motivation, and foster a culture of excellence. By bridging the gap between education and recognition, Merit enables institutions to showcase their unwavering commitment to student success, effectively engaging key stakeholders such as parents, elected officials, high schools, and donors. Beyond recognition, Merit drives enrollment, secures funding, optimizes media placement, boosts social media engagement, and forges stronger connections with external stakeholders.

Noodle is the leading tech-enabled strategy and services partner serving higher education, and the nation’s fastest-growing online and lifelong knowledge network of universities, corporations and learners. Our mission is to increase access to life-changing learning by making our partners more resilient, responsive, efficient, and interconnected.

Learning and collaboration are essential to progress in any field.
Our mission is to transform them for the better. As education and the workplace continue to evolve, Promethean is there—helping our customers get the most from cutting-edge technology and making sure they’re ready for what’s next. Promethean was created by educators, for educators: people with a passion for empowering everyone to shine their brightest.

BlendED Learning Consultants, LLC is an educational support group of experts across varying disciplines and specialties. With decades of experience building programs and content for K–12, Higher Education, and Corporate Training, our group of professionals have the strengths and capabilities to build unique training programs as well as immersive blended learning environments. We pride ourselves on customizing services for all educational service providers. Our specialty areas include nursing and health sciences, blended learning environments, career and technical programs for K12, workforce development through micro-pod learning modules, gap analysis, and accreditation and standards alignment.

Academic Leader

Academic Leader is an online publication dedicated to providing proven, practical strategies to help you lead more effectively and further the mission of your department, program, or institution. This online publication covers the trends, challenges, and best practices for today’s academic decision-makers.

Faculty Professional Development

Magna Publications serves the higher education community by producing online seminars, publications, conferences, and other products that support faculty and staff development. Since 1972, we have given thought-leaders on thousands of campuses a platform to share ideas and build new expertise to help solve some of the most pressing issues in higher ed. Magna Publications is respected for its ability to present the kind of information you need to be an excellent teacher and academic leader.

Academic Briefing delivers timely academic leadership articles written by academic experts. Topics address the challenges, issues, and trends that matter most to academic leaders at post-secondary institutions.