Teaching Professor

June 3–5, 2022 • Atlanta

Pursue Your
Passion for Teaching

The Teaching Professor Conference is the place for educators who are passionate about the art and science of teaching. It’s an exhilarating three-day event focused on the latest research-based, classroom-tested best practices to enhance your knowledge and drive ever-better outcomes for the students you teach.

Choose the preconference workshops, sessions, and keynotes that serve your need to know and your desire to grow. Whichever learning path you create for yourself, you’ll enjoy an experience that’s:


You’ll find The Teaching Professor Conference bursting with research-based, classroom-tested ideas for better teaching. You’ll leave with a slew of high-impact, ready-to-implement practices you can put to work from the very first day of classes—without busting your budget or ballooning your workload.


Count on learning not just from our expert presenters, but from your fellow delegates. In pre-conference workshops and interactive sessions, as well as lively conversations over coffee and lunch, you’ll hear about the challenges your colleagues face, and their often-ingenious solutions.


From the latest technology, to the latest research, to the latest tools for a changing educational landscape, the conference brings you the best new thinking—side-by-side with time-tested teaching principles. You’ll gain invaluable perspectives to help keep your pedagogy fresh and engaging.


Amid the clatter and clutter of an academic year, it’s easy to lose sight of why you do what you do. It’s good to be reminded that you’re impacting lives in the best way possible. Surrounded by others who do this important work, you’ll celebrate teaching in all its aspects, and come away refreshed and inspired.

Who should attend?

New teachers and classroom veterans

Course designers

Face-to-face and online educators

Faculty development professionals

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