Plenary Sessions

Opening Plenary

Thursday, October 10, 2024 ǀ 5:15–6:00 pm

Leaders who Inspire Purpose and
Unleash Talent

By Christie Chung, Executive Director, The Mills Institute, Northeastern University

Christie Chung will discuss the transformative power of cultivating leaders who are driven by a clear purpose and equipped to bring about significant change in their institution. She will describe the crucial role that mentorship plays in unlocking individual potential, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth, and fostering an environment where purpose-driven leadership can thrive. Her presentation will highlight the importance of an inclusive approach, and the need to redefine traditional academic norms to reduce biases. The concept of a personal ‘Board of Directors’ will be featured as a key mechanism for providing comprehensive support to all leaders. Dr. Chung will inspire leaders to nurture an ecosystem that encourages innovation, belonging, and impactful change at every level.

Know your presenter:

Christie Chung, PhD, is an award-winning academic leader, executive director, TEDx keynote speaker, and professor in cognitive psychology. Chung currently serves as the executive director of The Mills Institute at Northeastern University and is dedicated to creating transformative programs, research, and partnerships that advance educational equity and leadership empowerment. She has experience as associate provost and associate dean, and is committed to helping leaders reach their full potential as an executive coach.

Closing Plenary

Saturday, October 12, 2024 ǀ 9:15–10:00 am

Leading Through Conflict in Turbulent Times

By Richard Birke, SVP and Executive Director, JAMS Institute

We live in a time of rapid change—and with change comes polarization and conflict. 2024 will see more voters go to the polls around the world in national elections than at any time in history, while geopolitical events will continue to create complex and highly-charged difficulties on our campuses. Artificial intelligence evolves daily and with each new iteration of technology, education (research and writing, especially) is transformed and tested. DEI has become a national tug of war between people who seek to diversify campuses (and other places) and those who wish to downplay or eliminate it.
In this session, Richard Birke will discuss practical strategies for campus leaders navigating conflict on campus and will offer field-proven advice for turning obstacles into opportunities.

Know your presenter:

Richard Birke is a senior vice president of JAMS, the world’s largest private provider of dispute resolution services, and the executive director of the JAMS Institute, the education and training arm of the organization. He is also the chief architect of JAMS Pathways, a facilitation service that helps organizations (including colleges and universities) move past internal conflict and tension and forward to increased alignment and productivity. He served as a full-time law professor for 25 years, and for the last 22, he directed the Center for Dispute Resolution at Willamette University. Under his leadership, the Center achieved a ‘Top 5’ ranking in US News and a 9th Circuit ADR Education award. Personally, he has been awarded two national writing awards for his work adapting psychology and neuroscience to ADR.

Birke is an accomplished mediator and trainer who has given hundreds of invited talks across the nation and in more than a dozen countries.

Advisory Board Panel Discussion

Saturday, October 12, 2024 ǀ 1:45–2:30 pm

Academic Leadership: Future Trends and Issues

The Leadership in Higher Education advisory board reflects on trends and themes revealed during the conference and participates in a sure-to-be lively discussion about future challenges and opportunities to lead in all institutions of higher education.