Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders for Lifetime Success

Companies want to hire students with proven records of leadership experience, but employers are having a hard time finding people with the right skill sets for the job. 

  • Often, college students aren’t learning enough about critical thinking, communication, or conflict management.
  • They need personal guidance that will make them successful not only in the classroom, but for life beyond graduation.

NCSL is famous for instilling newfound leadership skills into students and showing them HOW to put them into practice. NCSL has trained more than 25,000 students over the past 45 years—colleges, trade schools and universities from around the world send their best students to this ultimate 2-day leadership training experience in Orlando, Florida. 

NCSL keeps thriving today because we provide a nurturing place for a personal examination of values, goals, and dreams with like-minded leaders. Our student leaders are eager to take advantage of a unique opportunity to jumpstart personal and professional growth that will continue long after the conference ends!

What Attendees Say About NCSL:

NCSL Empowers Student Leaders & Student Affairs Professionals Through:

Inspiring Keynotes

Our keynote speakers will give you the tools you need to succeed in today’s ever-changing world. 


Choose from a variety of workshops that will help you develop the skills you need to succeed in college and beyond. 

Advisor Programming

Exclusive programming just for Student Affairs Professionals and Advisors will give you hands-on leadership and facilitation training.

Networking Opportunities

Meet and network with other attendees and presenters who share your passion for student leadership.

You'll Gain Successful Tips For:

Create change through effective communication.
Prioritize wellness for sustained success.
Making A Difference
Impactful ways for personal and professional growth.
Student org tips like recruiting and motivating.
Connect with peers to share successes and challenges.
Networking, resumes, interviewing, and finance.