Get inspired at a conference unlike any other!

NCSL has trained more than 25,000 students over the past 45 years. Colleges, trade schools and universities from across the USA and around the world send their best students to this ultimate 2-day leadership training experience in Orlando, Florida. Now it’s your turn.


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NCSL is:

Inclusive—we take input from all perspectives and seek out presenters with a variety of backgrounds (not the same people every year)

Independent—we are student centered and not affiliated to a specific organization. Instead NCSL is truly a student leadership conference representing the hard work that student leaders put in everyday

Fun and Focused—let’s face it, we all learn better when we’re relaxed and confident. Why would you want your leadership conference to be any different?

NCSL gives you much more. In addition to excellent keynotes and workshops we also include:

Conference App

—customize the conference to fit your needs

Advisor-only training experience

—hands-on leadership and facilitation training

NCSL Membership

—learn more here

NCSL puts you on the fast track to leadership excellence. 

Discover what it takes to be a good leader in today’s shifting cultural landscape. 

Succeed in college and after graduation by developing skill sets your college degree won't teach you. 

Get out of your comfort zone...

And have a ton of fun doing it.