NCSL is Not Your Average Conference!

NCSLBeing a leader is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s lonely. You’re out there inspiring and guiding people who look up to you. But who’s helping you? You need someone to cheer YOU on. To show you the practical things you need to do to disrupt the status quo.

“My favorite thing about NCSL was the opportunity to meet and learn from other student leaders who have shared the same challenges as I have on campus.”

—2018 NCSL attendee

Come to the foremost student leadership conference, the National Conference on Student Leadership.

You’ll learn how to be a great leader—during AND after college.

You’ll discover practical ways to engage your community. You’ll be surrounded by other like-minded leaders and leaders-in-training.

NCSL is Unlike Any Conference You’ve Been To

It’s unapologetically hands-on. Every session is full of practical advice. You’ll know exactly what to do when you go back to campus.

“Attend. If you need guidance you’ll get it. If you need motivation you’ll get it or if you are like me and just needed that reminder of your worth—attend!”

—Christina S., lead tutor at American River College

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It’s full of energy. You won’t get bored. We’ve invited the most engaging speakers to drop their knowledge in surprising ways. They’re specialists in current issues on campuses, pop culture, and the marketplace.

It’s educational. It’s a party. It’s networking. It’s resume´-building and critiquing. It’s new-city-exploring. It’s life changing.

NCSL is THE place for students to meet and learn from other leaders.

More than 20,000 students have attended NCSL since we invented this conference in 1978. Those students have gone on to reorganize and energize entire student organizations. And they don’t stop leading when they graduate. NCSL alumni are all over the world—in music studios and major corporations, in higher education and politics.

Are you ready to make a change on your campus? It starts with you.

Accelerate your leadership.

Reserve your ticket now.

NCSL participantYou should attend NCSL if ANY of these apply to you:

  • You’re a student, especially a third or fourth year student, or
  • You’re in student government, or
  • You’re on a campus activities board, or
  • You’re involved in other extracurricular organizations, or
  • You advise students and student leaders in any capacity

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Student Advisors—We’ve Got Something Just for You

“ NCSL is an amazing opportunity for your students to learn and grow. They will meet and network with speakers and presenters but also with other students. Lifelong relationships can be built starting with NCSL.”

—Spencer W., V.P. Student Government Association at Capital Community College

You can hang out in the student workshops. Many do—and they enjoy hearing what their students are learning.

We’ve also created sessions that are advisor-only. No students allowed. Because sometimes you need to be candid about the challenges you face. You need that space to learn from those who’ve gone before you, who are in the trenches with you right now.

Advisor Only sessions are custom crafted to deliver content that will help you tackle your biggest challenges in guiding students. This year, the Advisor Only sessions will cover topics like mental health, creating meaningful and engaging student events, and proven ways to collaborate to improve your skills as an educator. You can see descriptions of each workshop here.

NCSL participantsLead Better than Ever

We aim to make every conference better than the last. We bring back beloved speakers and invite many new ones. Alumni become workshop leaders. Every conference has its own vibe.

But there’s one thing that always stays the same: our dedication to being the best conference on student leadership.

You have it in you already: ideas, strength, empathy, advocacy.

You’re already a leader on your campus—whether you’re in charge of one person or a hundred. You have what it takes to make a difference. The world needs your voice. Don’t miss your chance to become a GREAT leader.

“I liked how the conference was always full of life, exciting, and how it made me feel about working along with other leaders.”

—2018 NCSL attendee

Don’t wait— reserve your ticket today.

Need more data to decide?


Fan favorites and experts on student engagement and leadership, Trill or Not Trill are MCing the conference. You can count on them to turn up the room (if you were there last year, you know what we’re talking about) AND integrate Culturally Responsive pedagogy. Trill or Not Trill speakers Jeff Dess and Lenny Williams will kick off the conference with the Day Party. Check out their keynote here.


We’ll take over the Hilton Orlando (in Florida, of course). While you probably won’t have time to chill with Mickey during the conference, you’ll be close to tons of restaurants and other fun places to explore. Oh, and the hotel has pools, waterslides, a lazy river, mini-golf…all fun things to do with your newfound friends. Check out more here.


Want to be a more effective communicator? Need self-care strategies so you don’t burn out?

What about a resume´ critique session and a chance to meet companies who are hiring people just like you?

Our diverse schedule lets you customize the conference to fit your interests and needs.

Check out all the workshop topics here.


About 3 weeks before the conference starts, download the NCSL App to connect with other conference attendees. You can arrange student org treasurer meet-ups to discuss best practices over lunch. Or just find someone ahead of time to sit with. Use the app during the conference so you’ll always know when and where you’re supposed to be. And after the conference, you’ll be able to download speaker handouts and other info to help you apply all that info you learned to your day-to-day life on campus.

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