“The Teaching Professor Conference always provides concrete ideas I can implement immediately.” —Jeni Patton, Instructor, Cochise College
  “This was my second time attending and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very well organized, and professional. I would highly recommend it to other colleagues who are interested in attending conferences.” —Shirley Merith, Professor, Centennial College
  “I loved the ability to interact with other educators who are passionate about what they do. That is SO huge, especially in this environment.” —Christine Parker, Professor, Finger Lakes Community College
  “The presentations provided excellent ideas for improving instruction.” —Jonathan McCormick, Instructor, Voorhees University
  “It’s rare (in my experience) to find all of the sessions attended to be interesting and relevant. I had take-aways for each one!” —2023 Teaching Professor Conference Attendee
  “I loved the practical nature of this conference. I came away with strategies and suggestions from colleagues that will directly impact my teaching. Networking and make friends with colleagues across the nation was a huge plus as well.” —2023 Teaching Professor Conference Attendee
  “Excellent conference and planning in presentation, speaker and topic quality and tracks for specialization of choice to attendee. Atmosphere, networking and daily length of conference and movement between sessions was skillfully planned. Thank you.” —Laury Westbury, Assistant Professor, Elmhurst University
  “I loved the practical nature of this conference. I came away with strategies and suggestions from colleagues that will directly impact my teaching. Networking and make friends with colleagues across the nation was a huge plus as well.” —Rebecca Balog, Adjunct Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
  “New, generative ideas! Help and conversation without judgment. We can talk successes and failures. Energy and passion about teaching that is unmatched anywhere else. It is very easy to slide into unhelpful grumbling about students, but this group is so very enthusiastic about teaching that the positive energy is infectious.” —2023 Teaching Professor Conference Attendee
  “I learned so many things that I can immediately implement in my courses for student success and enhanced learning.” —Michelle Freeman, Associate Professor, East Tennessee State University
  “It is just different in that it is not only a professional conference, but one taught by teachers vs. content experts. This is its biggest strength and why I prefer it to other conferences.” —Kirsten R. Watts, Instructor, University of St. Francis, Joliet—Albuquerque Campus
  “So refreshing to hear from fellow higher ed teachers who are enthused about teaching, who face similar challenges discipline-specific and across disciplines, who are looking to expand their own teaching-learning styles. Also, holding the conference in a city that allows participants to add to their cultural awareness and experiences.” —Lynnette Zigo, Nursing Faculty, Davenport University
  “The atmosphere and enthusiasm is unmatched. Everyone was very welcoming and down to earth. Never felt out of place or like I didn’t belong. Relevant and interesting information in all sessions I attended.” —2022 Teaching Professor Conference attendee
  “The networking with instructors from a variety of disciplines and hearing how they are doing things in their classrooms. I love the new strategies or new ways to use strategies I already use. The examples are always helpful for me.” —Liz Sheffield-Hayes, Instructor, Albany State University
  “The sessions were very good and many ideas are easily applicable to my classroom.” —Rachel Koszalka, Instructor, Neosho County Community College
  “Loved it all, best conference I’ve ever attended!” —Stacy L. Voeller, Professor, Minnesota State University Moorhead
  “Seminars were helpful. Came home with ideas to implement and share with colleagues.” —SJ Shapiro, Professor, LIM College
  “Exceptional speakers and quality of content, including the plenary speakers. Time between sessions was excellent.” —2022 Teaching Professor Conference attendee
  “I loved being in the midst of so many outstanding educators! I found the overall energy to be supportive and friendly!” —Jeanette A Krzewinski-Malone, Lecturer, University of North Texas
  “The sessions at this conference are just generally wonderful—well-run, useful, interesting. I really enjoyed the networking this year, and how easy it was to interact with a large variety of people. The app really helped with that as well—I was so glad I found a group going to the City Museum Saturday night!” —Lynn Sprott, Professor, Jefferson Community College
  “What I like most about The Teaching Professor Conference is that I always come away with things I want to implement, think about, change, and learn. I meet nice people. I like the consistency and organization of the conference.” —Bonnie Brightlee, Instructor, SAIT
  “I loved hearing from teachers from all different backgrounds and getting specific ideas and techniques to add to my bag of tricks.” —Susan Klarr, Associate Professor, Mercy College of Ohio
  “I learned so much at every talk I attended. There are so many great ideas out there, and I can’t wait to try them in my courses. I also liked the sense of community I felt there—it was nice to hear that I am not the only one experiencing certain challenges in my teaching environment!” —2022 Teaching Professor Conference attendee
  “I loved the integration of all disciplines and subject matter towards teaching!” —Amanda Wilson, Assistant Professor, Oral Roberts University
  “I have never been to a conference where the spirit of collaboration among strangers was so strong. The willingness of people to reach out and talk to others and share ideas was amazing. It was a conference that is best attended solo, since there are so many opportunities to build bridges with others. It was a FABULOUS experience.” —Jean Vanderzee, Assistant Education Director, Pima Medical Institute
  “I liked the entire conference and am always saddened to see it end, but it really is the perfect amount of time spent in learning sessions and free time to socialize/reflect. I continue to be amazed at how well-organized the conference is and how friendly the attendees are. No one (new or alumni) should feel out of place here among teaching professionals. The multidisciplinary focus is wonderful, and the vendors in attendance were beneficial to expand my teaching-related resources. So, when asked about what I like the most, it is EVERYTHING about this conference! TPC is truly the best conference I regularly attend!” —Kim Risley, Professor, University of Mount Union
  “Practical as well as theoretical information; schedule of sessions was not rushed—nice breaks between sessions and reasonable ending time on Saturday to allow for information absorption.” —2022 Teaching Professor Conference attendee
  “I am inspired again because I was introduced to inspired teachers!” —Barbara Belbot, Professor, University of Houston Downtown
  “The focus on good teaching, not discipline specific teaching, creates lots of opportunities to find practical nuggets of usable content. Diversity of content offered is also a plus…truly something for everyone.” —2022 Teaching Professor Conference attendee
  “Great conference! Very well planned, good location and great opportunities to learn new info, refresh what we already knew and ample “takeaways” to experiment with in our own courses.” —Christina Hasemann, Phd, RD, L/CDN, CHE, Adjunct Instructor, SUNY Broome Community College
  “By far, The Teaching Professor is my favorite conference to attend. Practical, engaging, and refreshing. I am a repeat attendee, and always leave with tools, strategies, thoughts and new perspectives that I can use.” —2022 Teaching Professor Conference attendee
  “I like that everyone at the conference has an interest in teaching, and that no matter what discipline or what college or university you’re from, you know you have that in common with everyone else.” —Dunja Trunk, Associate Professor, Bloomfield College
  “I was impressed by many different session options provided at the Teaching Professor Conference! Regardless of background or experience there was something for you! The sessions provided great techniques and ideas… I had a hard time deciding what to attend. The experience was valuable as a first-time attendee!” —Dana Pautsch, Assistant Professor, Judson University
  “I took away tips from every presentation I attended.” —Melinda M. Livas, STEM Librarian, University of California, Davis
  “All of the sessions I attended were valuable. There wasn’t a single one that I considered a waste of my time. I liked the learning goals in the program—that was really helpful in choosing which sessions to attend. I also appreciated the emphasis on making all materials available to all conference attendees.” —Kelli A. Gardner, Associate Professor, Peru State College
  “When I go to any conference, I hope to come away with at least one good idea that I can implement. I found that in the first session I attended on inquiry-based questions for deep learning and many other ideas in the subsequent sessions. I do not think I have ever left a conference with more practical pedagogical tools to improve my courses and pass on to my colleagues. Well done planning committee!!” —Linda Abrams, Associate Professor; Director of Center for Effective Teaching and Engaged Learning (CETEL), Bob Jones University
  “The atmosphere; it truly is a Teaching Professor Conference. The collegiality and welcoming environment was wonderful. The sessions provided many ideas for improving my teaching and for enhancing support resources of our Center for Teaching and Learning. Magna representatives were wonderful. The resources offered through Magna are excellent. Thank you!” —Sharon Fox, Professor; Coordinator for Center for Teaching and Learning, St. Louis Community College
  “As a new instructor I came away with a ton of useful information.” —Beth Prather, MSN, Instructor, Delgado Community College
“I loved being with like-minded people who love teaching and want to be better at it!” —Mary Norman, Assistant Professor of Practice, Texas Tech University
  “So many session options! Most conferences are discipline specific. I love that the Teaching Professor Conference has such a wide variety of disciplines and areas of study.” —Marlene Naquin, Lecturer, University of Southern Mississippi-Gulf Park
  “I think organizationally you did a terrific job having a well-managed conference with plenty of thoughtful spaces to engage with others.” —Dr. Liz Norell, Assistant Professor, Chattanooga State Community College
  “It is always invigorating to interact with other teacher/learners. I love learning new approaches to teaching.” —Shauntae White, Associate Professor, North Carolina Central University
  “There were a ton of ideas floating around and I learned new and practical teaching strategies and techniques that I will use. Everyone I talked to was friendly and I learned as much from them as I did the speakers.” –Ian Townley, Professor of Practice, Tulane University
  “I loved being able to network with other faculty developers at the conference. The conference sessions were tailored to various groups and disciplines.” —Scott Vann, Instructional Designer, University of Memphis
  “This was my third conference in 3 months, and my 17th or 18th in 5 years, and it was by far my favorite for the organization and emphasis on take-aways.” —Shyanne Ledford, Instructor, Connors State College
  “The fact that I was in a room full of people just as passionate as I am about teaching and learning.” —Yolonda Williams, Professor, Tacoma Community College
  “The plenary sessions were outstanding. The conference as a whole made me even more excited and passionate about honing my craft as a teaching professor.” —Lisa Bagby, Assistant Professor, Creighton University