Group Online Subscription Help

How does a Group Online Subscription work?

A Group Online Subscription is the most cost-effective way to provide access to Magna’s highly-acclaimed newsletters. With a Group Online Subscription, you can:

  • Access your electronic newsletter or Commons subscription anywhere on the internet through
  • Eliminate routing of issues around campus.
  • Include more of your staff in the “information loop”.
  • Save money and help your departmental budget.
  • Get faster access to electronic newletter issues or Magna Commons products.
  • Use your subscription as a professional development tool in your department meeting discussions.

Find out more about our Group Online Subscriptions today. Email or call 800-433-0499 ext. 3 for more information.

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How will the Campus Administrator notify the campus community about the website-based group online subscription?

The Campus Administrator receives detailed sign-up instructions when an institution purchases a site license then distributes these instructions to eligible subscribers campus-wide by email, by posting on an internal intranet, or including in an internal newsletter. You will get the most out of your subscription by disseminating the sign-up instructions at the beginning of each new semester.

I would like to create an account but I don’t know the Authorization Code.

Your group’s Campus Administrator will provide this information to you. If you don’t know who the administrator is, email  For security, we will forward your email request to your Campus Administrator. You need to use the Authorization Code just once, when you first create your account. You will then log in using your email address and the password that you create to access your online subscription.

I have signed up to receive email newsletter update alerts but I am not receiving them.

You will have to adjust your newsletter preferences. Please l go to "My Account". On the left you will see a "Manage Email" link. Select the newsletter update alerts which you'd like to receive. You may also subscribe to an RSS Feed of issue update for the Teaching Professor Newsletter here. 

Can we access our group subscription through our campus Learning Management System?

Yes, you can, using our Magna Campus LMS interface. No more having to remember separate usernames and passwords, or navigate away from your LMS platform to get to your Magna subscription-based resources (these include both Magna Commons and Mentor Commons along with newsletter electronic subscriptions). To learn more about the Magna Campus LMS interface, please contact our customer service department via email at or call 800-433-0499, ext. 2.

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