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The Teaching Professor Group Subscription

Serving as a trusted-guide for tens of thousands of educators around the world, The Teaching Professor provides practical and thoughtful teaching advice on a wealth of critical higher ed topics. Available with group subscriptions for educational institutions, this award-winning online subscription is the go-to resource for faculty who wish to improve learning.

Supply Your Faculty with an Essential Teaching Resource​

Inspire and develop faculty to enhance student learning by providing each faculty member in your department—or your institution—with a subscription to The Teaching Professor. Instead of purchasing a variety of individual subscriptions, getting a group subscription offers a much more cost-effective way to distribute viable research, articles, and pedagogically sound techniques for all of your faculty to reference.

And, the more subscribers you sign on to receive The Teaching Professor, the more you save.

The Value of The Teaching Professor

As an administrator, faculty or staff member of a higher education institution, you are face-to-face with students each and every day. Whether you are seeking out pragmatic approaches to enhance student learning or methods to improve instructional effectiveness in any teaching modality, The Teaching Professor is a tool for higher education personnel to make informed decisions about teaching and administrative practices.

When opting for a group subscription of The Teaching Professor, your faculty and staff will receive:

  • A weekly variety of inspiring and insightful articles/resources focusing on the most up to date issues impacting teaching and learning
  • Breakdowns of notable research from peer-reviewed journals on teaching and learning
  • Special Resource Collections that give you a comprehensive dive into a vital teaching topic
  • Full access to the archives of The Teaching Professor, bestowing instant access to a treasure trove of teaching answers whenever you need them

The Teaching Professor is a useful tool for online instructors, faculty developers, instructional designers and department chairs, too. Supply your staff with resources and tools that will boost motivation in the classroom and positively impact recruitment and retention.

What Our Subscribers Say

“We need this resource to stay current for our students!”
– Kathy Felt, Instructor, Western Illinois University

“The topics are timely, the writing is collegial and you feel a part of a community.”
– Laura Poms, PhD, Professor George Mason University

“I love the practical, realistic, and easy to implement strategies, and variety of essays that are relatable and cause me to think more deeply about my teaching and student learning. LOVE!”
– Cheryl Besse, Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing

Start Your Group Subscription Today

We know that the resources, insightful articles and research will pave the way for growth in professional development and teaching. Now is the time to provide your faculty with the insightful information and teaching advice they need to better serve your students when signing up for a group subscription of The Teaching Professor.

Customize your subscription so it’s right for you! 5 person and 10 person group subscriptions are available as well as options to cover your entire team, department, or campus! Please contact our Sales Department to begin receiving one of the best resources for higher education faculty.

For more information or to purchase please contact Magna Sales at or call 800-433-0499 ext. 183

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Note: The free trial is only for higher education administrators. Only one free trial per institution.

For more information or to purchase, please contact Magna Sales at or call 800-433-0499 ext. 183.

How Does a Group Subscription Work?

A group subscription is designed to give your faculty and staff access to the most valuable research and tools for the classroom. With an online subscription, your institution can choose from several options that include:

Personal Account Access

Your institution purchases a license covering the entire campus community. The institution’s designated campus administrator will receive an authorization code to distribute to those interested in receiving the newsletter. These individuals establish their own personal accounts to gain access to the newsletter anytime, anywhere.

IP-Based Access

Your institution purchases a license covering the entire campus community. The subscription is available to anyone accessing it from a campus computer. Subscribers will not need to create a personal account to access the newsletter on campus. To access the newsletter off campus, subscribers will need to register with an authorization code. Benefits of this option include:

  • No username or password is required to access the newsletter on campus
  • Anyone off campus who has an active subscription can also access it, but they need to use a username and password and must register with an authorization code.