20-Minute Mentors

These highly focused video presentations answer a single teaching or leadership question and provide actionable insights.

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Magna Online Seminars

Programs that provide actionable information on an array of topics for higher ed faculty and administrators.

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Summer Enrichment Courses

Courses that provide asynchronous learning opportunities for higher ed faculty, staff, and administrators. Key areas of college teaching and leadership in two sessions!

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The Annual Teaching Professor Conference

This two-and-a-half-day leadership in higher education conference presents the newest thinking on improving teaching and learning through such factors as course design, institutional culture and the latest teaching strategies. Meet and network with like-minded colleagues, and learn from innovators whose presentations showcase the proven methods and approaches that they’ve used with their students.

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“[Magna] are leaders in conferences that deliver. You can see that across all the different areas where they’ve been putting on conferences. This one is no different. And given their long history of putting on top quality events—well-run, great speakers, a really good comprehensive package—the value is really outstanding.”
– Lolita Paff, associate professor, Penn State Berks

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  • Apr

Engage Early, Build Trust, and Gain Student Retention and Success

What happens during the first week of class sets the tone for the entire term and can affect retention and student success. For students to work well together in classes, a degree of trust must exist between them, and building this trust quickly is key. Learn about the concept of swift trust, which comes from business but applies to education as well.

  • 23
  • May

How to Improve Academic Lectures with TED Talk Principles: Connect, Convey, Communicate

For faculty who struggle with engaging content delivery (lecture) How to Improve Academic Lectures with TED Talk Principles: Connect, Convey, Communicate is a Magna Online Seminar that gives specific, practical steps to add enthusiasm and excitement to lectures and presentations.

  • 18
  • Jun

7 Indispensable Strategies to Build Community in Your Online Courses

Students in online courses and degree programs sometimes report that studying online can leave them feeling isolated and unconnected to their instructor and student peers. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Online instructors can utilize a variety of strategies to build and maintain a sense of community in their online courses and doing so will result in a better course experience for both student and instructor.

  • 16
  • Jul

Getting Started with Backward Design: Meaningful and Measurable Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes and objectives are the first step in backwards design. As such they hold the primary spot in the course development process. Faculty engaged in course or program development who are ill-equipped to design meaningful and measurable outcomes face the prospect of a poorly designed course and less than meaningful learning experiences for students.