Integrating Magna's Digital Subscriptions

In this free Magna Online Seminar, explore how integrating our digital subscriptions, Magna Digital Library and The Teaching Professor, boost student engagement and faculty success. Explore specific programs and articles that support effective student engagement and gain a framework of how you can implement these resources into your professional development. Engage in Q&A for tailored insights and discover their adaptability to your specific needs.


Gain the expertise to transform conflict into collaboration and improvement. Take away immediate tools and strategies to navigate healthy conflict, foster personal and professional growth, and guide others through challenging situations.


Do you want to enhance the learning environment for your students and yourself? Mindful strategies will help teachers become more self-aware, manage stress more effectively, improve decision-making skills, and engage students better. Mind Full to Mindful: Strategies to Enhance Teaching and Learning will show you how.

The 2024 Teaching Professor Conference June 7-9, 2024 New Orleans

The Teaching Professor Annual Conference helps teachers explore ways to help students learn while being able to network and collaborate with your fellow teaching professors. Share ideas, discuss strategies to combat issues, and get the charge of inspiration from knowing that you are not alone in tackling an ever more challenging teaching environment in higher education today!

Instructional Design Professionals Conference

Elevate your instructional design skills at the Instructional Design Professionals Conference! Join leading experts for live sessions on July 16-17, with on-demand access until October 17. Enhance your course planning, coaching, and tech integration skills from the convenience of your home or office. No travel required—register now for a refreshing and energizing professional development experience!

Health Professions Educators Conference

Gain proven practices directly from experts teaching in health professions at the Health Professions Educators Conference! Join live sessions on August 6-7 and access on-demand content until November 7. No travel required, this conference was created for your utomost convenience to have a full conference experience from your own home or office!

Faculty Development Professionals Conference

Enhance your faculty development expertise at the Faculty Development Professionals Conference! Join live sessions on August 20-21, followed by on-demand access until November 21. Presented by the team behind the Teaching Professor Conference, this online event provides practical strategies for building teaching centers, delivering training, and supporting faculty. Connect with like-minded professionals, sharpen your skills, and invigorate your practice—all without the need for travel. Register today for a tailored conference experience that fits your schedule!

2024 LHE Conference (600 x 410 px) (2)

The Leadership in Higher Education Conference is designed to provide academic leaders, such as deans, department chairs, administrators, and aspiring leaders a platform to embrace new tools to put in place when returning to academia, as well as an opportunity to network with like-minded peers and nationally recognized experts in academic leadership.


Faculty engagement is critical to student success and maintaining a vibrant university community. It has become increasingly challenging to keep faculty engaged at high levels as working conditions have evolved over the last two decades. This two-part live virtual workshop, geared toward academic leaders who focus on faculty development, provides evidence-based solutions from the Journal of Faculty Development to seven common barriers of engagement.


The Teaching Professor Online Conference is a fully online conference that promises a premium experience for everyone—no matter where you are. No travel required, extra expenses, or hassels so you can focus solely on the expertise and immediate applications from the plenaries, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities.

NCSL 2024 Product Image

The National Conference on Student Leadership (NCSL) is famous for helping students put their newfound leadership skills into practice. For more than 40 years, NCSL has been the number one conference dedicated to helping students develop and apply new leadership skills. When you attend NCSL, you will learn the latest in leadership principles, you will meet people like you—and people nothing like you—who are leading others on campuses around the country.