Virtual Workshops

Immerse yourself in learning!


This virtual workshop gives department and program leadership the skills necessary to develop teaching excellence among their units. LEARN MORE


Evidence-based solutions for those in faculty development who are experiencing faculty withdrawal or isolation from the campus community. LEARN MORE


You will leave the workshop with a personalized action plan of research-based teaching practices so that your vision for students can become reality. LEARN MORE

How Virtual Workshops Work

Virtual workshops take place in two Zoom sessions with your presenters and fellow participants:


The first session is a deep dive into the topic with assigned readings and a personal activity.


The second session reviews content, answers participant questions, and reviews  participants’ personal activities.

Virtual, synchronous learning gives you time to interact, learn, and ask questions of the presenter(s) and other participants. The two-part presentation allows for reflection and application of workshop materials between sessions.


You pick the date.

You pick the participants.

You impact your campus.

Find out how you can have your own Campus Exclusive virtual workshop scheduled in a closed group for a minimum of 20 of your faculty or staff. With a Campus Exclusive virtual workshop, you:

  • Pick the date that best works for you and your group
  • Take advantage of a special discount you can’t get anywhere else
  • Bring a top-ranked instructor directly to your group in a live atmosphere