How do I access my online subscription to Journal of Faculty Development?

The Journal of Faculty Development is accessible via Ingenta Connect. Because the content is not accessible on the Magna web site, the journal subscription will not be listed or accessible via the Magna My Account page.

Do I have access to all articles and issues for the Journal of Faculty Development as part of my online subscription?

Subscribers only receive access to content they have purchased. For new customers, that is the current issue available, as well as the next two published journals (for a one-year subscription). Access to archived content is available for purchase on the Ingenta web site.

How long will I have access to my Journal of Faculty Development subscription?

Access to Journal of Faculty Development is available for as long as the subscription is active. Once a subscription expires, users will have two (2) years of access to the content they purchased. After the two-year period, access to ALL content, including content that was part of their active subscription, goes away.

I am having difficulty accessing my subscription. How do I get technical support?

Because Magna Publications does not have administrative access to the Ingenta platform, subscribers to Journal of Faculty Development should reach out to Ingenta support for technical assistance. Requests for technical assistance should be sent to Users can also submit an online request for technical support using the Ingenta Connect Contact Us page.