I have a Monday Morning subscription. Am I allowed to share access instructions with others from my school?

Active subscribers to the Monday Morning Mentor series are allowed to share connection instructions for each week’s program with faculty and staff from their institution. Copyright restrictions do not allow subscribers to electronically copy, transfer, or record the presentations or related materials without express permission from Magna Publications. Users are also not allowed to share instructions with users who are not directly affiliated with the subscribing institution or organization.

I missed a program that was held previously. Can I still get access to the program, or the related materials (transcript, handouts, supplemental materials)?

For the Monday Morning Mentor Series, programs and related materials are available for one week ONLY. Once access to a program ends and access to the next program in the series begins, there is no option to be sent or have access to the previous program(s) in the series.

Can I get a report of who at my school viewed a program in the Monday Morning Mentor Series?

For subscribers to the Monday Morning Mentor Series, because we do not require users to create accounts or log in for access, we do not provide user or usage statistics.