I can’t log in and do not know my password for my online subscription. What do I do?

To reset your Magna account password, use this link. Or, go to www.magnapubs.com/profile and select “Lost your password”. Once you are logged in, go to the My Account page. The My Account link is located in the upper left corner of the Magna web site. From the My Account page you will see the subscriptions and content you (or your institution) have purchased. Click the appropriate “Go to …” option for access.

Why can’t I access my subscription online?

The most common issue with access is when a subscriber has not properly logged in to the Magna Publications web site. It is on the Magna web site where subscription authentication and verification occurs. If you have a subscription, or if you have registered as a member of a group subscription for your college or university, go to www.magnapubs.com/profile and log in with your email address and Magna password. Once logged in and on the My Account > My Online Access page you should see the content you have access to. Click the appropriate “Go to …” option to access the content.

How long will I have access to my online subscription?

You will have access to the content for as long as your subscription is active. When your online subscription expires, is cancelled, or suspended due to non-renewal or non-payment, access to all content ends.

Why am I not receiving the email notifications of new content being added for my subscription?

Newsletter update notifications are sent via email to subscribers each week (for subscribers of The Teaching Professor) or every other week (for subscribers of Academic Leader). To ensure timely of these email notifications, please be sure to allow emails coming from “magnapubsemail.com” to be delivered to your email account. In some instances, our email reminders of new content being added may be blocked or re-directed by institutional email or spam filters. Your institution’s IT staff should be able to help you to allow for these emails to be delivered to your email account.

Can I renew my current newsletter subscription online?

Yes, you can renew your subscription to Academic Leader or The Teaching Professor online, but ONLY if the subscription is currently active. Once a subscription has expired, the only option to renew is by fax, mail, email, or phone. To renew online, log in to your account, and from the My Account page, select “RENEW” next to the newsletter title. Subscribers can also renew by fax, mail, email, or phone. Our contact Information is below:


Magna Publications

Attn: Customer Service

2718 Dryden Drive

Madison WI 53704

EMAIL ADDRESS: support@magnapubs.com

PHONE: call 800-433-0499 ext.2 (outside the U.S. and Canada please call 608-246-3590 ext. 2). Our office hours are 8AM to 4:30PM Central Time

FAX: 608-246-3597