How does it work for individual access?

Customers order the program on the Magna web site. Once their order has been successfully processed, the program is immediately available from the My Account > My Online Access page. The program will appear under the heading “On-Demand”, with the access expire date below. Once the expire date has passed, the program will disappear from the My Account page. Programs can be ordered or re-ordered from the Magna Publications web site.

How does it work for group or institutional access?

When a customer purchases a program for institutional on-demand access, Magna Customer Service will email the purchaser registration & access instructions within 3-5 business days. The purchasers is allowed to share the registration and access instructions with faculty & staff from their institution.

One key advantage to the institutional option is registrant reporting. Magna Customer Service staff can provide the administrator (upon request) a report of individuals who have registered for access to the purchased program.

What is a Campus Access License?

A Campus Access License (CAL) is a file download, consisting of several files: the recorded presentation (typically in .MP4 format), and supplemental files (typically in .PDF format). Upon receiving a CAL order, Magna Customer Service will set up a secure Sharepoint download site within 3-5 business days. Magna Customer Service will email the purchaser the download information and instructions. The purchaser then has thirty (30) days to download the materials to a password-protected network, server,  web site, or Learning Management System (LMS).

Because CAL’s do not expire, and customers are allowed to keep the contents of the program on their system for long term use, Magna does require pre-payment for all CAL purchases before download instructions will be sent. Magna does also accept an institutional purchase order for CAL’s in lieu of pre-payment. Customers would need to send purchase orders by fax, mail, or email to Magna Customer Service prior to CAL’s being set up and download instructions being sent.

How do I get a Certificate of Completion for content I have watched?

For each program, we offer a Certificate of Completion PDF. Most of the Certificate of Completion forms are editable. This means users, when they click on them, can fill out their name and date viewed, and save it to share with their campus administrator as needed. For other programs, users will be required to print out the Certificate of Completion, fill it out manually, then scan & save it for reference.