“Fantastic experience! Having the opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded professionals is an incredible opportunity you do not want to miss.”
– Margaret Vivoda, PhD, MBA, Dean of Academic Affairs, Keiser University

“It was energizing to hear the new ideas provided by the speakers. I realized all institutions/departments, regardless of size and discipline, face the same challenges. Attending this conference helped me to visualize new ways to engage my faculty in creating a positive environment for our colleagues and our students.”
– Tracy Rutherford, Professor & Associate Dept. Head, Texas A&M University

“Congratulations on an excellent conference! I felt it was well-worth the investment. Thank you for your hard work in coordinating such excellent presentations and opportunities for us. I appreciate that it was an all-inclusive conference with most meals included. The timing of sessions, breaks, and networking opportunities was perfect. Thank you! :)”
– Conference Attendee and Chair

“I was pleasantly surprised for a first time out of the gate. I appreciate that there were talks on Title IX/Transgender students, as well as assessment, effective management strategies, budgeting, etc. It seemed a good one-stop shop for academic leaders.”
– Conference Attendee and Program Director

“I liked the fact that all of the speakers stayed for the entire conference and went to the sessions. It was nice how the various speakers referred to what they had heard in the other presentations and tied their material in with it. I also really liked how applicable the sessions were.”
– Conference Attendee and Assistant Dean

“This was a well-organized conference for leaders in Higher Education with a very good selection of topics, good presenters, and opportunities for leaders to meet and learn from each other.”
– Dr. Thomas R. McDaniel, Professor of Education emeritus, Converse College

“The focus of the content, the quality of the speakers, and the lack of “airs”, which I have found at some conferences and is frustrating. This conference had a very accepting, collaborative atmosphere regardless of what type of school you come from.”
– Conference Attendee and Instructor

“I liked that there were sessions that applied to both Deans, Directors/Assistant/Associate Deans, and Chairs. It was good to hear how other institutions had handled issues and talk to individuals outside of my discipline. I loved sessions that were interactive and wish that all had been as interactive as some.”
– Conference Attendee and Program Director

“Great topics. Good speakers. Liked that it covered the topics and conditions I am experiencing. Liked that I could talk with others and see what other schools are doing.”
– Conference Attendee and Program Director

“The pace of the conference was excellent!! I enjoyed the 30 minutes between sessions. I appreciated that we had an hour for meals (Friday evening & Saturday lunch) that was then followed by the speaker instead of eating/guest speaker happening simultaneously. It was great to have specific scheduled opportunities for networking.”
– Conference Attendee and Chairperson

“The presentations were meaningful and the food was over the top! 🙂 I enjoyed meeting others who had similar challenges in their departments.”
– Conference Attendee and Chair

“Being new in leadership is difficult, unsure of decision making and management on many levels. I felt so many areas were covered in the conference that met my immediate needs for my leadership position.”
– Conference Attendee and Faculty Member

“Can’t wait to return next year!! Phenomenal experience!”
– Colleen L. Croxall, PhD, Director of School Health Sciences, Eastern Michigan University